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Thread: Brooks Reed praises rooks

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    Brooks Reed praises rooks

    It's sooooo much fun perusing social media regarding the Falcons. I can recall things posted two years ago,...could go back and make fun of what'd been said,...but nahhh, may as well look ahead.

    Falcons fans as a whole, after 3 days of TC, are giddy this morning. From Jeanna Thomas @jeannathomas,...Falcons linebacker Brooks Reed had some high praise for Atlanta’s defensive draft picks when I asked him about how Keanu Neal, Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell are coming along so far. “The younger guys are just athletes, man,” Reed said. “These might be the best younger players that I’ve seen come through ever, that I’ve been playing.”

    That’s a strong statement and it’s one that holds up when you watch the rookies on the field. Campbell in particular has impressed. He covers like a cornerback and his speed is a massive upgrade for Atlanta. Jones’ speed is also an upgrade, as is Neal’s. All three rookies have the physical tools to earn significant playing time, if not starting roles, this season.

    Yep,...even the Falcons owner said he expects three rookies to be starters,...omgoodness,...Arthur Blank couldn't handle a Jerry GlanvilleLol.

    I've already talked about these rooks,...a LB who can run under 4.5 is fast,...and Campbell(4.39), Deion Jones(4.48) are quick ya'll. Yeah they be rookies but speed can't be taught by coaches. And then there's Brooks Reed signed last year, played little due to groin injury/surgery but is now healthy. People often forget the HUGE defensive FA signings this off season,...two guys and I've already posted about them. And I can see why Falcons fans are excited.

    It's a consensus that the Falcons offense is not a source of worry at all. Be careful thinking like that, but hey, the truth is the Falcons have not fielded a championship DEFENSE,...EVER in 50 years,...well,...the 1974 defense was great but that's IT! Any year the Falcons defense played marginally well,...guess what?,...they made the playoffs.

    What's that called,..."guarded optimism?" Well, the material as said before is there for Dan Quinn defensively. And always I think of injuries being a realist. But the Falcons D now has depth I've not seen since,...ever.

    Edit: Stocking up on linebackers big time. The Falcons re-signed free agent LB Philip Wheeler. Wheeler, 6-2, 245 is a 9 year vet. But here's the big signing,...Falcons signed run stopper extraordinaire LB Courtney Upshaw, 6-2, 272 pounds. Selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2nd round(35th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft out of Alabama. Run stuffer extraordinaire. Look a this MAN all you boys,...

    Add the two LBs drafted,...add vets Sean Weatherspoon and Brooks Reed?,...starter MLB Paul Worrilow? Why heck yeah Falcons fans, NOT the media yet, are paying attention and are extremely optimistic. 7 linebackers, all talented cannot be anything but positive.
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