AHA!!! gotcha hypocrites.

Well, well, well,...One day last week this site has a writer who suggests the Falcons are a Super Bowl "sleeper" then three days later another writer whom is a contributor or a scribe or some s*** at the same site wrote today the Falcons would go 7-9 and be third place in the division? How do different people at one site have such disparate views? Is there no sense of consistency in this time of muppett heads throwing bs out there just to fill a page?

Funny but I do agree with the writer the Bucs will be better, but not to the point of winning 10 games imo. Anyways,...here's his take,...after his colleague, hahaha so to speak, just wrote the Falcons and the Lol Texans?,...could play in SB 51?

3. Atlanta Falcons (Projected Record: 7-9)

The Falcons have been underachievers the last few seasons, but with their hot start last season, you thought they might have finally caught the good luck that has eluded them.
Good luck??? This franchise is cursed and good luck never "eluded" them,...it simply ignored this bunch.

But after a 5-0 start(last year), everything went south and that is the most Atlanta thing ever. No argument there,...Atlanta is in the SOUTH, where rednecks fly confederate flags and carry guns,...oh wait,...Atlanta's demographics reveal the city has a population of around 70% black folks,...hmmm. Where be all the pecker woods? Goin' South is a term created in the late 1800's. And it has no positive connotation.

The offense better click, because the defense actually looks a little worse than last year, particularly upfront. This will be the first step back the team has taken in the win column for four years. The offense "clicked" last season,...at least stat-wise. The defense?,...


Any football fan who has been watching the Dan Quinn plan can see the Falcons defense will be better than last season. I've spent lots of time talkin' bout it with reasons to back it up. It could be the writer is seeing the Falcons opponents and hey,...this is gonna be a brutal season facing Rodgers, Russell, the Broncos in Denver, KC, Brees twice, Cards,...brutal schedule. I sense the writer doesn't like the Seahawks nor Quinn. To focus on the defense by a writer shows that yeah, it is a question mark, the Falcons' defense is no doubt an unknown to some degree. But to summarily deem the unit will be worse than last season is a "little" stupid.

I so do enjoy these people who know a little, ya know, like stats, certain team info that a 12 year old Falcons fans knows. Oh yeah I know young people who knows more about the Falcons than highly paid imbeciles in the media. Lazy paid journalists use soshal media to glean they ideas and then they lace their pieces with some kind of poison, almost always negative,...often hypocritically, as seen expressed by this site's writers. UNLESS there's a glowing piece derived from being a homey.

We all have jobs to do I guess. Just don't be talkin' Super Bowl outta one side of yo mouf and then have another suggest a losing season to me. C'mon man,...just spit it out,...ya'll never believed the Texans and Falcons could meet in SB 51. What's that old term,...ahhh it don't matter cause most Falcons fans read ya'll's crap sitting in a cynic's chair and has been pummeled by the media for years. It's like it's been so much for so long we've developed callouses.

oops this got too long, sorry.