Google pee shiver,...Native American women would know what this is all about, ahem,...this is what's happnin' to lots of football fans. TC, camp starts this week in beautiful Flowery Branch, GA. And I add,...a very HOT Flowery Branch. No doubt the A/C inside facility will be used extensively, especially for the kickers.

I read all kinds of stuff from paid journalists to message board stuff. Wow,...can you feel it? Come tomorrow Monday morn NFL writers will be drinking pots of coffee and typing all kinds of stuff about they favorite team. Their duty requires them to report on the rest of the league but it's usually homey stuff. And then if they do report on say, the Falcons, they make fools of themselves.

The paid writers hide their anxiety well but hey man,...these message board types are literally, "chomping at the bits" for them to get sum football.

It's a gonna be a long 4 days,...everything ya read from now on until TC starts when there's injuries, players shining, players not shining, analysis of this and that, will be speculation and regurgitation. At this point three months after the draft every NFL roster is already 75% set. Of course injury is key to all that, one of the hated(to me), facets of the game.

Gotta admit,...given the lackluster allure of MLB,...same teams winning it all every year,...NBA teams,...same damp teams oops,...honestly the NFL has the same teams winning more than others,...every damned year. Pappy, yo Soul old man, you may have been right.