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Thread: Arian Foster

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    Arian Foster

    Foster a No-Go

    Detroit scheduled him for a workout, but they did not get that opportunity. They don't currently have a stellar RB: the last great one was, as many may recall, Barry Sanders, who rushed for over 2000 yards in I think '97. The Phins have caused them some consternation over the past few years, by draining them of one star-quality player after another.

    My hopes are on Stafford for 2017!

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    That's not a bad idea. It seems a team must go 2-14, have the 1st pick and choose the best QB coming outta college to get a top flight passer. Believe me,...Stafford would JUMP at the chance to get out of that hell hole Detroit and Miami would be very welcome in his mind guaranteed.

    You sound like me back in 2009,...I wanted the Falcons to trade up and draft center Alex Mack. Nope, they traded a 2nd round pick for a washed up HOF tight end. The Falcs had TWO 2nd round picks,...well what I'm sayin' we can wish for things all we can but if we want it,...it seems we rarely have those wishes granted by the NFL gods.

    Funny you mention 1997,...Barry Sanders indeed broke the 2,000 yard mark,...and former Falcon RB Warrick Dunn was Offensive Rookie of the Year, as a Buccaneer. And yeah, it seems some franchises have ties to others when it comes to dealing players/picks in trades and such.

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