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Thread: Robot NFL footballs

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    Robot NFL footballs

    Here we go again. If you're over 40 years old and a football purist, all the changes the hyperactive NFL are implementing, without any fan input I add, is just ridiculous. The NFL is not a democracy, it's a money-hungry bureaucracy. So now they're puttin' puter chips in footballs to determine if they wanna narrow the goal posts. This is one of those "preseason experiments" the NFL will perform this August.

    Posted by Mike Florio on July 17, 2016, 10:58 PM EDT,...As reported by John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, the NFL will be placing computer chips in footballs to assess whether and to what extent goal posts should be narrowed. The chips will track how close made kicks already are coming to the goal posts which then would be used to determine how much more narrow the goal posts would have to be in order to make kicks harder. NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino told Kryk “We’ll see what the data tells us. The [Competition Committee] will discuss it and then make a recommendation for 2017 if they feel that we need to go that route."

    Can anyone imagine the width, depth and breadth of this huge sports entity known as the NFL? Smartly so, they're up to date with technology whilst allowing fallible humans with zebra stripes make judgement calls with no impunity. hahaha puter chips in football,...HEY! Couldn't those chips detect the ball's inflation? hmmmm And why was this story first released by a Canadian news source? I dunno,...maybe the NFL is like the guvermint, tried to slip stuff by the little people but Mr. Florio btw is basically an NFL employee so this was intended.

    Yeah,...if you're an old fan of the NFL ya just shake yo het and shrug shoulders. Once I bragged the NFL was the last pure pro sport, other than soccer and hockey, left in the Wurld,...maybe as recent as a decade ago. The changes in rules has been staggering the last 10 year or 15 years. The rule outlawing blasting a player in a vulnerable position turned the NFL into flag football in my most humble opinion. In the old days,...hahaha listen to my old crap, the old days players wouldn't put themselves in that position. Coaches called plays that didn't put receivers in harm's way over the middle. But the few times it happened, a mistake, yeah someone gets caught "indefensive" and gets blasted,...that's football boys. Now the college game can eject yo butt,...extreme fines on NFL players for vicious hits when it was celebrated 20 year ago.

    Puter chips in footballs,...remember,...Fantasy Football includes special teams
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    Wow, I wonder if the n f L wants this for fantasy football, why else would they even consider this? Player safety? that now is the biggest fallacy spewed by the league! OR just another way to control a game that has no need for this action.

    Player safety again is a fallacy, when players are wrapped up and even on the ground, these players pile on players in their most indefensible situations, the refs allow this without flagging these actions.................THAT should be addressed not shrinking the goal post.

    Here is something stupid they can try, make it to where you can only get 6 points from within the hash marks, other wise it is 4 points, there is another ridiculous idea they can push for
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