Hey ya'll,...this Fall and Winter will be so much fun, well, for me anyways. it's allll about you ain't it?

Any time the Falcons play out West is fun. We're gonna get a belly full of West Coast games.

Once upon a time I dated a lady from Greely, CO I think North of Denver. I don't know cause she'd always fly to ATL. But anyways, she's a HUGE Broncos fan,...but a dainty lil' thang mmm mmm mmm,...but she edumacated me bout the AFC West,...<gasp> The unadulterated hatred between fans in the AFC West is,...measurable to be sure. Raiders and Broncos fans,...whew, they are freaking brutal. My gal friend bought me a "Raiders Hater" T-shirt, swear to gawd, and I still have it. It has that horse, what's his name,...mounting a Raiders fan, my gawsh!

This is just a ain't got nuthin' else to do post and it's always fun to keep in touch with my brothers out dere.

But this season, if it ever gets here, hey!!! The Falcons travel to Oakland in week #2,...guess who are Raiders fans?

yep, Metallica. There's lots of Metallica fans in Colorado but seem to forgive the band for they allegiance to the Raiders, fine. I think John Elway is a back stabbing now super rich fellow so? I also believe the Broncos NFL franchise has some kind of advantage, similar to the Patriots, in some clandestine way. Add the Packers and Steelers to that list. but anyway,...

Watching the Falcons play in LA and Oakland,...Seattle and Denver,...wow,...we know the Falcons are a West Coast type team now don't we? Remember, WCO @ WCD,...WC coaches, hahaha and all the former SEC players on the Falcons roster. That was funny right there cause it's true. More Metallica,...