The Falcons have set themselves up to be the,...Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks SOUTH in almost every way. West Coast Offense, West Coast Defense, concentrating on the O-line and the linebacker/safety positions,'s all there right in front of all to see. Do some of you recall the Falcons being called the Patriots South when Arthur hired Thomas Dimitroff in 2008? So now the Crows are West Coast South? How does that work?

Last season the Broncos defense was certainly stout. No way the Falcons D can be considered close to the talent level the Broncos D possess but,...the Falcons are closer to the Seahawks in talent level, watch and see.

Offensively, we've learned the Falcons O-coordinator has promised to use a 2 back attack this year. The 2016 Falcons offense will do the same thing the Broncos and Hawks did last year,...and that's rushing yards by committee. The Broncos 2 backs shared the load, each rushing for good yardage to the tune of 1,500 yards rushing between the two. The Seahawks as a team had over 2,000 yds rushing but remember, last year the QB had over 500 yds of that sum. But still with Seattle it's spreading the wealth in the run game.

As I've preached lol this is the revival of the old Bill Walsh, San Francisco Forty-Niner's complete and total philosophy,...I KNOW cause I seen it for over 30 years. In this,...ummmm,...way of developing a team, there's some requirements to reach greatness(Lombardi Trophy).

Ya gotta have TWO threats @ WR,...Ya gotta have a serious threat in the run game,...YA GOTTA STICK to the run to open the underneath pass,...ya gotta have a decent receiving/blocking tight end,...ya gotta have a FULLBACK in this offense, people forget how important the FB is in this scheme. Gotta have an accurate passer. Then ya gotta have a big time safety on defense,...ya gotta have linebackers who can pass cover but still play the run tough. Gotta have unselfish D-linemen willing to stop the run and not so much wanting sacks,...the sacks will come with pressure and disruption. Ask Cam Newton about his offense getting disrupted in SB 50.

The Falcons have many of those ingredients,...a Pro Bowl Fullback,...and other stuff we already know, so.

I dunno, fascinates me teams like the Packers, Bucs, Giants and others develop their teams in one way of,..."doing thangs" and there's this other bunch,...Falcons, Hawks, Broncos, Texans, others that do thangs different. Looking at all 32 teams(unlike what the espn lazy ass types do), it's gonna be interesting to see the battle of the schemes. The Panthers failed miserably against the West Coast philosophy,...hahaha the game may have passed on Ron Rivera. Think bout it