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Making the Leap: Jake Matthews Pro Bowl-bound -,...Conor Orr,...around The NFL Writer

Published: Jul 15, 2016 at 08:16 am

In Around The NFL's "Making the Leap" series, we spotlight emerging players whether rising from no-namer to quality starter or vaulting from standout to superstar, each of these individuals is poised to break through in the coming campaign. Expectations for 2016,...Pro Bowl.

This is how ascension typically works for offensive linemen when the all-star voting system is partially based off the opinions of fans. Matthews got himself back on the radar last year, and he can continue rolling in 2016 while playing on a much better offensive line. Atlanta added Alex Mack in the offseason and put itself in position to be a top-10 rushing team. Assuming quarterback Matt Ryan stays upright and the offense improves with a younger No. 2 wide receiver in Mohamed Sanu, Matthews should finally be in the position to get the credit he deserves.

Well I'll be, doubt I'll be reading more of Mister Orr @ If you read the whole piece this guy and his buddies at are paying attention and that's refreshing. Most Falcons fans are delighted to have Matthews protecting Matty's blind side. We didn't think anyone else had noticed.

There are the homeys in the media and then there's some who see things as they are and more and more "writers" are starting to "notice" the Falcons. Jake Matthews has an NFL lineage like no other, so maybe this favorable piece is due to that. Reason being no one noticed Right Tackle Ryan Schraeder had a SUPERB 2015, allowed only 3 sacks but was a devastating run blocker. Most of the yardage rushing came off of runs to the right side of the field last year.

Nice to see and Mr. Orr paying attention. Maybe the Falcons can give you guys more to write about, and they will. Defense is building just fine and the offense?,...all the pieces are in place for a top 5 offense in 2016.