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Thread: espn losing MONEY for Disney

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    espn losing MONEY for Disney

    Well, well,...espn was born before many sports fans. In the good ole days espn would show Canadian pro football, Australian football, boxing every Friday and hahaha chess, nah not chess. It was something new,...a 24 hour sports station on cable TV(remember back then the Dish Network didn't exist). So it grew into what it is today but seeing a decline in, ummmmm, subscribers/viewers/advertisement revenue.

    Funny the Post would take a jab at they competitor, the NY Times which is in bed with Disney/ABC/NBC/CBS/espn. But peeps in the nawtheast can be brutally brutal.

    This is kinda a little retaliation to an espn "study" that ranked the Falcons 18th as far as a goofy power ranking,...for the next 3 seasons. It took into account the GMs, coaches, roster, QB, other stupid stuff. Guess which division's teams ranked higher than any other? Lol the NFC East. hahahaha gawd these people are shameless! What's funny are the responses coming outta Falcons fans' mouths,...very funny. Ya'll know what happened?

    espn and, AND the NFL it's self(the NFL Network), has alienated fans of lots of teams. How? By promoting certain NFL franchises over others. The media too,'s fine to be an NFL journalist and love the Steelers. But man, when you constantly ignore teams like the Jags, Titans, Falcons, Saints, Texans, Raiders, Chargers? That's a whole lotta fans whom just might feel disenfranchised. It's incredible the amount of exposure the Jets and Giants receive, amazing. It's curious the media builds up the Bengals every year and destroys the Browns. Johnny Football's antics made media members drool, giving them red meat to chew on.

    The espn NFL pregame shows became a joke. If it weren't for college football espn would be in more trouble than it appears. As for the NFL Network? hahaha Dish Network doesn't broadcast, if you will, the NFLN cause the NFL wanted mo munny. I'm a subscriber of Dish and guess what?,...I laughed cause I quit watching that station a loooong time ago. Hell, I got tired of watching the Jets, Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Bengals, Packers,...and it got to the point I knew those teams better than most of they fans!

    This may come to a surprise to the idiots in this industry,...there's 32 NFL teams in 32 NFL cities. I know Falcons fans in NJ, California, Afghanistan, England and we all agree the entity known as espn, based in the nawtheast isn't a reliable source for real information, far as covering teams in the ahem small markets.

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    Nailed it! They claim it's a bigger market up mo money, and who they actually market to are 30 year old babies still living with mommy and daddy, if daddy he stays! They don't have money for 120.00 dollar jerseys and 25.00 dollar hats or the 3000.00 dollars for one season ticket! and all or most games are televised.

    Why would I want to go see another sad game being dictated by poor officiating and unknown rules, "after further review" wink wink

    The best part is the circus like start to the game with pyrotechnics and flares and bounding music of some sort, most of which I would never listen to, along with a 10 dollar beer and bad fast food!

    As for esp......n, there is nothing to watch, I can use my phone to check any score, or any sports, I don't have to have a woman and pencil necked geek rambling as a video is being played. AND after the espy bigotry, that channel will seldom be turned to in this household. AND I will never take my kids to an NBA game or watch a sport I once loved and I see the same downfall in the n f l.
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