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    Operative income

    Ohhhh,...this is long and boring,...enjoy

    Operating income is the amount of profit from a business's operations after taking out operating expenses such as cost of goods sold or wages. Operating income takes the gross income and subtracts other operating expenses. These operating expenses are costs which come from operating activities in a multi-million $ facility and include things like office supplies and heat and power, food, water, inside facilities, weight rooms, etc. Operating income is typically a synonym for earnings before interest and taxes and is also known as "operating profit" or "recurring profit." Where the hayal am I goin' with this?

    The NFL, since Pete Rozelle, bless his Soul,...has said they want this thing called parody,...haha funny people who spell that word wrong,'s parity idiots. Like making things allllll equal and crap like that but guess what? The same damned teams keep going to the Super Bowl,...<gasp> and the same danged teams rake in the money,...America's team, Patriots, amazingly the Redskins,...well here's the top 10 most valuable NFL franchises,...the numbers are each team's operating income.

    #1 Dallas Cowboys $270 M
    #2 New England Patriots $195 M
    #3 Washington Redskins $124.9 M
    #4 New York Giants $105.2 M
    #5 San Francisco 49ers $123.7 M
    #6 New York Jets $118.4 M
    #7 Houston Texans $114.6 M
    #8 Chicago Bears $85.7 M
    #9 Philadelphia Eagles $88.7 M
    #10 Green Bay Packers $63.3 M

    Okay, see those numbers? Some teams make more profit whilst not being ranked as more valuable, rich or whatever. Like the Texans, Niners and Jets realizing more operating income although the Giants are *worth* more than they. haha like a parody maybe.

    Basically operating income is a loophole,...but I'm sick of politics so,...I'll make all you Falcons feel good before bedtime. Guess which NFL franchise has the lowest operating income? The Raiders are at $39 mil,...the Lions $36 mil,...the Patriots $195 mil,...Cowboys $270 mil,...the Falcons,...$25.4 mil. Lowest profit margin in the NFL,...PERIOD. This is from Forbes, ya'll can look it up but man, just shows how much Arthur Blank has spent and too, shows,...if you're a Falcons fan, you're on an island. No wonder all ya'll wierdos hang out in the same place.

    Fascinating though,...the Bills were last in their franchise's value in the NFL but still had more operating income than did the Falcons, $44.2 bil compared to $25.4. pffft, enough with numbers,...we need some football. The games will straighten everything out.

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