Remember John Taylor and Jerry Rice? How bout Randy Moss and fish mouth Chris Carter? Most teams don't have a luxury of having two WRs that could both get over 1,000 yards receiving in a season. The Falcons have two WRs that *should* top 1,000 yards this year.

I wish the media, in Atlanta, would stop this 2,000 yard bs with Julio. There's a new kid in ATL,...his name is Mohammed Sanu,...or something like that. The former Bengal was relegated to #3 WR status as the Bengals have two great #1 and #2 receivers. Kanu is a vested NFL vet with his best effort was around 790 yds receiving in 2014.

Remember 1998?,...Falcons WRs Terence Mathis and Tony Martin? Mathis tallied 1136 yds and Martin 1181. Add a running game that rushed for around 2000 yds and ya get a 14-2 record, a SB appearance.

Well I'm tellin' ya'll the Falcons have two superb RBs, one able to carry the thing all the way on any given handoff. There's the QB who passed for over 4,500 yds last year, completed 62% of his passes and people say he had a bad yearhahahaha. And then there's an offensive philosophy that many seem to dislike. Or is it just a dislike of Kyle Shanahan? I dunno

The system he runs has won the most SB's of any other offensive system. It won the SB last year too(Kubiak), as a HOF QB was said to have a bad season. His daddy won with that system. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana and Steve Young, John Elway. History has proven this scheme has won the most SBs and is the most difficult to defend. Shanahan ain't special but Bill Walsh's scheme is. BUT!!!! As I repeat meself often, often out of necessity, this system or scheme requires multiple weapons and when it works as I said, it is extremely difficult to contain. I know, I seen the stuff right up front and personal. When the Falcons were trying to become the 1960's Packers, Bill Walsh unleashed his WCO on the league. Give the boy a chance,...this season at least.

What the media did was set Julio up asking him could he get over 2,000 yds,...of course, as Jerry Rice once said, as I paraphrase,..."every time ya step on the field ya gotta feel like you're the best player in the league." So of course Julio said, yeah man, I can break the 2,000 yds level. Ahem,...Calvin Johnson anyone? Megatron never sniffed a Lombardi. Here's Sanu,...Mohammed Sanu against the Falcons,...