It's a slow time for football talk, so the media does these lil' things called "Top Ten" whatever. Well, one muppet had his top 10 cornerbacks last week and Desmond Trufant was ranked a projected #7 in the NFL,...great. But the writer caused me to think.

When he writes,..."Under former Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Trufant thrived as a zone cornerback on the left side of the defense. He locked down his half of the field with a great deal of success, often forcing quarterbacks to throw away from him. He isn't a ballhawk by any means (six career interceptions), but not all cornerbacks are. That's the one aspect of his game holding him back."

Okay lemme say this,...Dan Quinn was forced to play lots of zone cover for one reason, and it wasn't because the Falcons didn't have competent man-to-man cover corners. It was the awful, AWFUL linebackers(and a safety), who couldn't cover someone with a broke leg. Quinn saw that and here's another thing the writer wrote,..."Like Sherman and Norman, Trufant would benefit greatly by following opposing receivers across the field rather than staying on one side. That allows teams to avoid him, which hurts the Falcons."

Same explanation and the writer obviously knows Quinn moved Sherman in Seattle around to always cover the #1 WR. Lemme repeat myself,...if Quinn did that last season the Falcons would've gone 4-12 instead of 8-8. The Falcons linebackers were simply horrendous in any attempt to cover an opposing TE or RB,...just,...offenses gashed the Falcons with 10, 12, 15 yards passes, kept the D on the field too long and using up possession time.

Sooooo,...this offseason the Falcons draft two very fast, athletic LBs,...signed a monster of a LB/pass rusher in FAgency, so there ya go. Oh, and addressed that safety in the draft too, so we'll see lots of youngsters and it'll be interesting. I know Quinn wants to play man cover 80% of the time. Will Quinn continue playing lots of zone, at least early in the season, because of all the young guys on D? We know the new LB corps will be faster,...but extremely young.

But Desmond Trufant is ranked by this guy as the 7th best CB in the league, cool. The writer points out Trufant has only 6 career INTs,...fine with me. For the last 5 years, watching Falcons games, ya never hear his name called and that's for a reason. Opposing OCs are skeered to throw his way.