Former Falcons WR Roddy lives North of Atlanta in a mansion. He's 34 yrs old and appeared on CBS ATL radio recently addressing his release,...

"They had a role for me coming into the season, and I feel it wasn't told to me prior to the season," White said, via CBS Atlanta. We started off hot, so there was no need for me to complain about anything," he continued. "As things got worse throughout the season, and you go in and complain about some things you think should change, and nothing changes, you just sit back and say what happens happens."

Roddy later said he didn't complain,...mmm, mmm, mmm,...Roddy please be a man, please? After his release,..."I'm not out here just (expletive) around just to sit around to just block (expletive) people all day," he said after being cut.

So you did complain we learn, Roddy, DURING THE SEASON INCLUDING DURING THE 6-1 start to last season! pfffft,...what is up with these over-paid, highly-egoed, can't be men, little baby boys? So this is what Roddy said last week,...

"I felt like we lost those games because I wasn't in put in that position to make that play. And I felt like if I was, then we would have been in the playoffs."

hahahaha,...even NFL players can't see why their team loses games. Know why?,'s allllll about dem. Okay, let's get this straight,...the 6 game losing streak last season happened because the Falcons offense led the LEAGUE in red zone turnovers idiots. NOT because widdle roddy was being ignored.

My dumbass,...I defended the dog killer for over 5 years,...defended Roddy too, I guess there's no sense in defending any of these "entertainers" anymore. Unappreciative, arrogance,...little baby boys, albeit wealthy widdle boys. But there's no doubt White's aim is on Kyle Shanahan and if,...IF the Falcons offense thrives in 2016, Roddy will be forgotten. But if the Falcons struggle?,...whew, we'll hear from Roddy again no doubt. Oh, and we'll hear more from fans who seem to hate Shanny JR. It'll be something like the proof will be in da puddin' type thang.