What made the Falcons a focus of hate? It amazes me to see BLIND hatred based on nothing. I rather think it's like JUNGLE MENTALITY always beating down the "lesser animal" to get yo gains.

This is the most hated team by NFC South opponents(by tally), are most despised, the bunch of people whomever wear a Falcons uniform if you're the owner, the het crocth of the teams in the NFC South,...if you're a panties, aints, sucks fan?,...it has been deemed by all ya'll you hate the Falcons worse than any other team in the division. I will not reveal the site but it's like,...why us? all the damned time? here it is,...

For many decades I couldn't unnerstand why people in this here NFL TRIBE hated the Falcons so. To this day I still don't unnerstand this given the losing record of this loser of a franchise. Some have mentioned of all things the Civil War,...I ain't lying. And I go,...what?

In all of Professianal sports, and I say this in all sincerity,...there's the beloved Cubs in all they losing,...there were the Bills losing 4 SBs,...the Cowboys were losers early on, so were the Steelers. Wait just a damned minute,...those teams were hated weren't they? Maybe we should embrace the hate.

Funny,...the winners lately in the NFL play uglee games. defense. And ya'll that's where the Falcons are a heddin'

Still,...I find it confounding reading, hearing the continual, ridiculous year-by-year people hating on the poor lil Falcoons.

Hell, I guess some like kicking at their dead horse,...enjoy a dark feeling superior in some baseless feeling like your team is,...ummm better.

You people,...polls taken by panties, aints and sucs fans,...guess who they wanna beat most? The Falcons.

This is a strange place to be,...to be hated for no mfing reason.

Well,...guess you Falcons best get used to being hated,...refs ripping off games and people making fun of all ya'll.

We saw a fine game today,...class A Rome Braves,...guys working to make a living. They played a team from Carolina, a Red Socks affiliate. Fine athletes,...talked to a Red Sox scout today and he was wunnerful. There was no we are better than you. refreshing. Yeah this is baseball but it's all in the realm.

when you idiots frame something, such as hatred towards one franchise?,...you reveal yourself. And,...it sets up some serious football games within the NFC South.

ok,...here's ya a prediction,...the NFC South will determine the fate of the NFC and AFC West divisions. And I promise the lowly, dirty, lowly,...those pathetic, those hated Falcons will continue to be hated cause guess what?