Here's a quickie to all Falcons fans serving our country. Happy 4th!!!

Well, I am right now,...

-Anyways, ya'll oughtta check out NFL player's responses to the ridiculous contracts being signed by NBA & MLB players, hilarious.

hahaha Falcons CB Robert Alford posted on tweet,...If u want to save money just go to grandma house, always have food.. He sound like a good ole cuntry boy to me.

-Falcons fans as of late have been obsessed with salaries too. All the high $ contracts,...C Alex Mack, WR Sanu and,...Matt Ryan,...

I dunno, but to me if the market's there who cares how much billionaire owners spend on theirhahaha "slaves" as Warren Sapp once called NFL players? Warren Sapp,...pffft now a judge on a show bout BBQ competitionhaha now that he's BROKE from going to strip bars.

-I guess this is a $ post, in Charlotte they're saying Cam's contract is a bargain compared to Andrew Luck's new deal. Now that's funny after all the growling from fans about Cam's contract.

Well ya'll enjoy the 4th as well as ya can. Those in service don't get every day off.