common sense,...a noun,...its' synonyms are,...sound judgment, acumen, intelligence, practicality, wisdom, experience. No, I'm not talking about politics the last 25 years,...but I do be talkin' bout the direction of the Falcons. This is, after all, a Falcons forum.

Here are the antonyms for common sense via,...Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Antonyms for common sense,...ignorance, inability, ineptness, stoopidity, foolishness, insanityhahaha, and unreasonableness.

Sound judgement VS ineptness. Well, the Falcons in 2003 tried to shape the team into the 1980's 49ers,...then in 2007 tried to hire a college coach which was a disaster. If the Falcons owner is inept about anything it's the fact he always tries to copy other philosophies and schemes that won Super Bowls. So in 2008 Blank decided to go back to the old school, and I mean oooooold screwl, philosophy after the Vick debacle. And it worked not because of the scheme but cause the Falcons drafted well(Matt Ryan) and signed fine free agents(Michael Turner), which improved the roster greatly. But it got stale mainly cause of draft and FAgent BUSTS after 2008,...remember 2008?,...NFL GM of the year, Dimitroff,...NFL HC of the year, Mike Smith,...NFL ROY Matty? All three of those NFL honors were bestowed to rookies at their respective positions.

This time Blank used common sense.

The game has changed, duh, especially defensively. The cover 2 is now old school, a fact. Lots of teams are going to this funky defensive alignment,...the DEs play waaaaaay outside, the DTs are lined up on the outside shoulders of both guards and the LBs leave the area in the middle open before the snap. Secondary can be man up, zone or a combination when having to double a great WR or TE. This D doesn't have a name yet, well,'s called the cover 3 I guess, so it does. Blank realized this evolution of today's defense, hired a young D-coordinator(who won a SB of course), and went back to the WCO which is aged but listen,...Blank realized through common sense that defense wins SBs. He went towards that thinking before the Broncos proved it in SB 50. btw,...the Falcons and Broncos 80% of the time employ the cover 3 D.

I could go and on about how this D requires athletic, quick LBs, DL disrupting, requires a SS who roams around causing havoc and all that and that's the Quinn D to a tee.

Well,...the Falcons drafted defense, defense, defense, OL,...signed FAgents on the O-line and, oh btw,...22 defensive players on the current roster are 24 years or younger,...hahah the Falcons starting SS is just 21. Twenty two babes, now some of them won't make the final roster but geesh,...this unit has to be the youngest in the league and that's good for the future.

The cynic in me wants to suggest Blank repeated himself, trying to emulate and copy success of another franchise. But this time, maybe, he saw what's hot in the NFL and right now after SB 50 everyone admits the old saying,...D wins SBs stuff. We'll see how it goes this season with a brutal, brutal schedule. Cause a 4-12 record would make me wonder if expecting the Falcons to ever become a perennial winner is a,...