Lawd knows I enjoy 13-10 games,...yep, defensive domination of the offenses is beauty as in poetry, justice, riveting close games. We've seen games like that and the shootouts, both usually end in Falcons loss. But at least the defensive games have some appeal as far as, ya know, the battle, struggle, etc.

There's 2 teams in the NFC South building formidable defenses,...and one of them ain't the Panthers,...nor the Saints.

The Bucs will surprise folks this year. This NFC South team may not win but 6-8 games but I assure all you AFC and NFC West fans, ya'll will come out of the games exhausted. Funny the media in the NE always picks one team in Florida to praise and this off season that'd be the Jags. And rightly so,...Jax has an impressive roster so all that has to be done is coaching, right? So can be said about the Bucs.

The Bucs' primary coaches are all former Falcons coaches, all well known. Which means the Bucs will be a conservative team on offense and defense. Lots of trying to run the ball,...lots of trying to get the ball up field on 2nd and 3rd down longs,...lots of, LOTS of zone cover in the old worn out zone cover 2,...hahaha created by Tony Skeletor Dungy. Like Jax, the Bucs have an impressive roster especially in the front 7 on D and it looks like the NFC South will create some media havoc by making all those wunnerful, favorite, hometown types out West shiver or at least recoil,...<gasp>"a southern team",...<gasp>did we just lose to the,...Saints???"

Oh btw,...that other team in the NFC South building a serious defense jusssssssst might be the Falcons.hehe I'm tellin' ya'll,...Dan Quinn's scheme is not pretty. I'm tellin' ya'll in Quinn's scheme it's all about disruption. All you needed to know about that was lissnin' to Quinn before his rookie season last year. Listen to the players and how they were being coached,...front 4?,...disrupt until ya get to the football dummy. LBs?, cover the TE and RB or blitz the QB and,...disrupt the blocking. That's a key, disrupt the O-line's blocking. If you disrupt the O-line it makes the play calling O-coor resort to less trap and run plays that require pulling linemen. I guess that don't sound like much but I promise ya'll when any offense is limited in play calling, the defense normally wins.

Let's see what's the pic of the day? Ohhhhh noooooooooooooo,...oh my damp toe What is it with Arthur Blank and future HOF players? Gonzales and now Hester, have them on espn wearing Falcons uniforms?