Condolences to the Ryan Family. Buddy will always be an iconic figure in all of NFL history. So I saw an article about Buddy influencing defenses and before reading knew what was coming. And I was right and I have to one day unnerstand the media will not, cannot give any Falcons coach, player or ball inflation any credit. whew here we go,...

Let's see, yes it's true in 1985 the Bears had this defense named the 46 D or something like that. Buddy named it after a great player or something like that. The Bears 1985 defense is arguably the best in NFL history. But wait, seems a young D-coordinator 6 years before was using the same defense, so shouldn't he get credit for creating this defense?

Yep, Jerry Glanville was hired by the Falcons in 1979. Well, Jerry's D scheme employed at least 8 guys around the LOS, blitzed from all positions at any given time and well, here's what's usually reported about Ryan's defenses,...

The "46" defense created by Ryan named for Chicago safety Doug Plank's uniform number, in its simplest explanation, puts eight players at or near the line of scrimmage rather than the seven in a normal 4-3 or 3-4 alignment. It utilized shifts and blitzes designed to confuse the offense, was able to spring pass-rushers from unexpected spots, and was based on a simple theory: Overwhelm the quarterback before he could throw the ball and you don't have to worry about the secondary covering WRs.

hmmmm,...sounds like the same exact scheme to me. But,...a Super Bowl win will cause so called journalists to ignore history and pump up their guy. Glanville literally created that defense,...he didn't have a fancy title for it nor a SB win to promote it.

The 1979 Falcons and the 1985 Bears defenses are categorized as 4-3. I watched the '79 and '80 Falcons and in those two seasons the Falcons D under Glanville became a force to reckon with. And he did it by putting at least 8 in the box and in close proximity to the line of scrimmage DARING the opposing offense to, the ball. haha the Falcons went 18-14 those 2 years and that's always nice to a fan that's accustomed to losing.

Anyway, not to be disrespectful,...a friend, a dark friend read this post and said I'm like this guy, geesh