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Thread: The days of our lives

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    The days of our lives

    Remember that old soap? "Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives?" Well the Saints are going through some soap opera stuff,...dey be sum drama a goin' awn dawn dere in looseiana,...

    Rita Benson LeBlanc says she will remain a partial owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans despite a recent settlement over ownership of the city's two major professional sports teams, according to a story published Monday in Street and Smith's Sports Business Daily.

    "No matter what happens in the litigation," Benson LeBlanc told reporter Bruce Schoenfeld, "I'll still be a partial owner."

    Apparently Tom ex-communicated his daughter and her Mom and there's a lawsuit which details are not known much about regarding ownership.

    Whether anyone knows nor cares, the Nawlins Saints are a huge fixture in the NFL World. Tom is getting on up in age so,...let the chilren have it Tom,...get that umbrella and dance again. It's not just the Saints ownership at stake,...there's the Pelicans Tom owns a well, included in the litigation.

    Rumors are, from Saints fans' mouths, Rita and her Mom were "estranged" and Tom doesn't think they deserve any part of his empire. Well,...winning games has this magic effect in the NFL. The Sun shines brighter and all that stuff. And we all know how brutal fans can be, if the Saints falter this season it's almost certain Tom will be blamed.
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