tick turd redneck predictions

That ole song's lyrics,...when it rains in Georgia, it be raining all over the wurl are true. On a rainy Sunday,...oh some of us can't hardly wait for football. I'm seeing this withdrawal all over the internet,...it's somewhat distressing. So lemme put some salve on that there sore.

And I'll watch Smokey and the Bandit and say something to Falcons fans and yeah at times I know, repeating meself. "The Falcons are gonna BBQ some asses into molasses." Not saying the Falcons will win more than 9 2016 games but saying the Falcons will prove to be a difficult team to beat, barring a rash of injury,...crap, that's always a concern ain't it?

I guess I should take time to list it all,...it's freaking pouring down.

Ya got an NFL team with an elite franchise QB, one of the best WRs in the league, signed a big time center, a big time #2 WR, already has a young HUGE ass TE,...6 foot 9" is all and seasoned in an offense which features the TE,...ya got TWO superb running backs, a Pro Bowl fullback and two very, very good tackles protecting. The Falcons offense will have peaks and valleys during the season but I guaradamtee there'll be games in which this offense clicks and I certainly expect some Falcons blowouts,...even to teams no one thunk they could blowout,...ahem,...the Broncos? Did ya'll know Vegas already has lines for every game this Fall and Winter?hahaha Now's the time to wager perhaps before we reach week #5. By week #5 the Falcons may be the faveshahaha,...and you have a 10 point swing in your bettin' favor. Problem is the game's being played in Denver, where funny things happen like ummmm, favorable officiating for the orange crush. But still 10 points would cause me to wager on the crows.

Okay here's the problem,...repeating myself again but it's necessary I guess,...the defense will be manned by rookies, 1st year and 2nd year, AND 3rd year veteran players, maybe a good thing I dunno but anyone who says they know one way or the other are, well, ya know they ain't gettin' NFL play right in they minds. There's another thing I'd like to say,...

Ya'll know I got that there espn, ya know, a way of sensing thangs of another plane?,...well let's be logical along with being prescient. Let's talk about the LOCKER ROOM stuff. The Falcons released the leaders of the defense and the offense,...both veryyyyyyyy outspoken. Guess what's left? Matt Ryan? nope he's so into the QB position he's pretty much a quiet leader,...Desmond Trufant? nope he's a quiet type but perhaps the best cornerback in the NFL. Point being, something happened last season after this team was embarrassed by the Panthers,...38-0. That next matchup in Atlanta, the Panthers only reg season loss, the Falcons didn't talk trash they kicked mfing ass. Ya know, that there bunker mentality, male bonding, pride and all that stuff. I like teams that don't talk trash. Well not the Patriots, they don't talk trash because they thing their doo doo don't stink.

The Falcons defense will again I expect, to be around the middle but there's no doubt the offense will be the focus of the bigtime FOX/ESPN/Disney/ABC/CBS types, no damp doubt. The blowouts could start in week #1 against the Bucs. Another very possible blowout could be a vengeance game,...I can't rightly place this reading, it's still unclear in my crystal balls,...either Katrina Bowl II in Nawlins week 3 on MNF or,...perhaps it'll be @ Charlotte in week #4. Both are Falcons away games but,...I promise ya'll barring something unforseen the crows will embarrass some defense this season.

Smokey and the Bandit,..."Daddy my hat blew off!,...I WISH YOUR GD HEAD WAS IN IT!"