One of those sites that features blogs about the Falcons is They're pretty good over there but like everyone now, before July, we're thirsty for football. So we start predicting things a month before training camp so no one will remember how wrong we were in September.

Well, this guy at bloggingdirty wrote a lil diddy bout how the NFC South would shape out in 2016, It sho is early.

The piece was well thought out, provided salient reasons and I kind of agree with this prediction but remember, the writer is a Falcons fan so be warned,...well, here's his prediction,...

Panthers 12-4
Falcons 9-7
Bucs 8-8
Saints 6-10

I dunno, to have NFC South teams win that many games over the AFC and NFC West is a tall order.

So I may as well do a lil predictin' meself here. No way the Panthers win more than 11 games,...the Falcons are still a .500 team,...the Bucs could go 7-9 but will most likely be a 6-10 bunch and the Saints,...geesh their defense man. Could be ugly for the Saints,...4-12 or something.

So I should explain my prediction, well, the Panthers will win at least 7 of their home games most likely all of them. But I rather think they'll struggle(for their standard), on the road going .500.

The Falcons are an,...unknown even to me. The parts are in place for this NFL team to win 12 games, yep, I said it. The Falcons have the players to beat anyone,...but,...but,...has to prove it.

Tampa has new coaches, lots of former Falcons coaches btw, and a young QB, easy prediction. The Saints,...whew, they did win 7 games last year but all they wins were over teams w/o winning records,...including a sweep of the Falcons,...with the worst Saints D in the league. The Saints schedule is as brutal as is the Falcons' slate. Interesting the Panthers schedule appears favorable in the 1st part of the season.

Well, guess we can talk football this early,...or watch The Matrix marathon for the 1000th time.