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Thread: Summer football fun

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    Summer football fun

    Oh the wringing of hands,...the pity party,...the usual fan who says this is the year for a Super Bowl win,'s very, ummmm, entertaining reading people's thoughts on this soshal media thang. But as usual, cause this is a slow time for football fans, there's the ubiquitous post this time of year,...When will the Falcons win a Super Bowl? I'll go ahead, right now, and lock the Falcons as winners of Super Bowl 51 by predicting the Falcons have no chance of getting anywhere close to Super Bowl 51. See,...anything I predict the opposite happens. Ya know truthfully,...the Atlanta Falcons have damaged me and thousands of others. Like a girl or boy friend when you were young ya got so deeply invested monetarily and emotionally you're stuck and they break yo freaking heart more times than not sort of thing. Hey ya'll,...I'm making this post in fun.

    I love my fellow Falcons fans,...I don't LIKE many of them but they're fun overall. At a place they *flock* to, someone asked when the Falcons would win a Super Bowl, was very entertaining.


    hahaha That's the 1st time I ever saw that! How creative and unfortunately true. Responses to this question,...Spock would say,...fascinating,...

    Cuz Vegas makes more money from teams up north and out west then down south it's THAN you bucktoothed,...
    The older I get the more convinced I am it is rigged
    Whether will we all be alive when it happens is a different story
    Cause the Rams decided not to let Warner keep bagging groceries
    We all just hope it'll happen when we're alive
    If we don't win it in the next 3-4 years then I don't know if we ever will, at least not for a loooong time

    If you're not a Falcons fan or is but doesn't listen to other Falcons fans, this attitude is always prevelant. It's a badge of honor to be a Falcons fan who says it's us against the World. Believe me the NFL, the game officials alone give Falcons fans reason to question the integrity of the game. Falcons fans remember every single screw up by game officials and question if it's some kind of intentional thang. Falc fans wonder why other teams are featured by the national media, over and over, and there's zero said about our team unless it's saying the Falcons paid too much for this guy or piped noise. The feeding frenzy over Michael Vick by the media,...and (iggles)trolls was disgusting. It wasn't about Vick to them, it was the Falcons they targeted. Hell,...Dan Reeves should've been hung by his neck for trading 2 1st round picks and Tim Dwight for the dog killer, but I digress, pardon.

    Oh man this is gonna be a fun season ya'll, even if the Falcons go 2-14. Ya'll see out there?,...Falcons fans are aware of this, ummmm,...and people wonder why 99% of Falcons fans won't be active on message boards UNLESS it's a protected forum,...birds of a feather so to say. I enjoy having fun at my fellow Falc fans' expense. I could insult them, and I have before, by saying you people are no better than fickle Patriots fans! or something like that which really pisses them off badly.

    There are a fraction of we Falcons fans whom are,...well, a little bit more seasoned than most of the others. It's funny to read 20-30 year olds complaining bout thangs. They always want the O-coor fired, want the HC fired,...they complain about a QB,'s just stupid when the guy did this, pass Yards: 32,757 YDS pass TDs: 202 TD Completion% (64.3%) Passer Rating: 90.9. And they say he's not elite,...idiots. oops this got long sorry

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    Hah! That's a post. Fans Always Left Counting On Next Season, the Spock pic, good stuff!

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    my pleasure sir!

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