NFL Roger Doodell commissionarial active leader of the entire league once said he played,...LOL!,..."pop-warner football." ahhh, that gives you some special place in football? I know people at the local bar who like to talk about those "glory days." And just like the drunks, Roger is full of it. Well,...Falcons HC Dan Quinn didn't play at Alabeeema,...btw,...that's how people in Alabama say it now, ya see, they are elites, it's now ALABeeeema. But lil ole Quinn played college football and not at Alabeeema.

Quinn,...position, top level played: Defensive line, NCAA Division III

Quinn was a productive player for the Salisbury U football team but not as decorated as he was in track, in part because of an injury that cost him most of his original sophomore season. After a redshirt season, he appeared in all 28 games during the next three seasons, recording 135 tackles and also returning an interception for a touchdown. He was named to the Salisbury Athletic Hall of Fame in 2005. As the photo shows #99, his shaved head and goatee look dates back at least 20 years.

Ya know, we Falcons fans have seen it all when it comes to head crotches,...guys like Dan Henning,...HOFamer Dan Reeves,...Jerrah Glanville,...Jim Mora JUNIOR,...sooo pig boy Petrino,...Mike Smith,...every type of coach you could ever imagine. Salisbury U insists athletes GO TO SCHOOL,...Salisbury, Maryland. While Quinn was working at college so was John Fox, former Panthers HC. Look at his pic from college,...from San Diego State,...

Let's smoke some duuuuuude. He's now the da beers crotch. He's the one responsible for the Panthers drafting superboy, his last season at Charlotte the Panthers went 2-14,...not good. But gave them the #1 overall pick in 2011.

It's fun to look back and see this kind of stuff.

Fox did play football at SD State,...wasn't that great but at least he took his team to a Super Bowl as a HC for the Panthers. Guess what I be tryin' to say is Quinn has a grasp of the game,...BUT only the defensive side of the ball. Just a little insight preparing ya'll for a Falcons Super Bowl run this season.hahaha