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Thread: NFL go to HELL

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    NFL go to HELL

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    Bring back memories of 1982? Oh sorry some of you weren't born were you? That was the strike season when Falcons fans attending games would chant, go to hell over and over. Be careful NFL,...things are extremely flammable right now. They hide rules changes,...expect you and I to follow like sheep, that link below and it'll make you sick if you have any sense of freedom.

    In 2009, the Falcons unveiled the throwback 1966 uniforms in Week 2 against Carolina in honor of franchise's first team. They went 2-0 in those uniforms that season, defeating the Panthers (28-20) and Buccaneers (20-17) at the Georgia Dome.

    "We haven't decided yet," Falcons VP and big time NFL figger Rich McKay said. "We have many options. We can go black with white pants. We can do whatever. But we'll go back and we'll use the old logo. We like to celebrate history. And our players like it."

    whoa little McKay,...there is something you forgot,...In 2013, the NFL established a rule that requires teams to wear the normal helmet along with the throwback uniforms, thus keeping the Falcons from wearing the throwback red helmet. I swear ya'll,...the NFL and the larger governments of the Wirl work in the same step. Player safety, this bs.

    This Paul guy just busted the NFL,...great great article,...welp,...lots of us don't watch the NBA anymore, why?,...some watch NASCAR and golf,...others are into college fast pitch softball more and ready for the Tour De Frances. You b****** up there in NYC are ruining our last, once pure sport and you know it. You people are doing it to line your ******* pockets and fine. You people have set rules across the NFL and targeted the Atlanta Falcons,...oh yeah I got proof boys. It's a shame,...old farts like me have all the money, not those punks you try to enslave with horse shit advertising and SB half time crap. You NFL types have the alcohol industry behind you, funding you. People buy stocks and bonds according, if the investment is with an NFL owner, make me sick.

    But anyway,...on a lighter note,...McKay is just talking up the fans here,...hahaha or trying to. Never trusted McKay, awful GM regarding the draft, ewww, need to go back there. Michael Jenkins??? 1st round pick???

    So good bye red helmets,...they just aren't safe enough, that article and the NFL has become a JOKE!
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