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Thread: NFL's 'experiments'

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    NFL's 'experiments'

    Why are people in the NFL wanting to change the game? Oh, I forgot,...this entire thing is to make it appear player's safety is paramount to the money hungry monkeys in new york,...when they enjoy watching a huge turnover of players with the draft, keeping salaries down. And when injury occurs which is inevitable it creates more turnover. It's been difficult to change rules for the offense and defense since they done changed stuff all to danged, so they are seriously focusing on special teams.

    The NFL is assessing the viability of further rules changes on kickoffs with unprecedented input from the league’s special teams coordinators, who want to save the exciting play from extinction, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports.

    All 32 special teams coaches had to listen in on a so called conference call yesterday from the NFL based in, york.

    No rules changes would take effect this fall. But the coaches were told to be ready in the unlikely event the NFL conducts an experiment during part of the 2016 preseason, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the call.

    The ideas for rules changes included: starting the kickoff team from a stationary position at the 35-yard line, with no run-up;

    Mandating eight players on the return team line up a set distance closer to the ball, such as in front of their own 40- or 35-yard line;

    Outlawing all wedges;
    allllllready a rule???

    Outlawing “attack” blocks; alllready a rule???

    Treating balls like punts if they hit the ground beyond the return team’s 40-yard line, so they could be downed by the kicking team, not recovered as live balls; and

    Eliminating the “K” ball.

    Listen to that crap,...ya know?,...the NFL must be worth $500 billion dollars. They got geeks reading our message boards,...hell, no doubt Falcons writers from the NFL have stolen my posts, oh yeah, they be lazy sobs ya'll. So notice the writer, Thomas Pelissero,...Peliserro? That sounds NORTHEAST all to be damned! Well, Peliserro says,..."The NFL is assessing" a viability?,...of further rules changes? like the NFL is a country with all the powers to be damned. Think though,...the NFL as an entity does wield power, political power.

    Whew, okay,...hahaha getting rid of the K balls is funny. After deflate gate all the balls will garner special attention, I promise.

    That would be a bulls*** rule, treating KOs like punts. A player can fair catch a kickoff you idiots. damned idiots. But the point is here is this, ready in the unlikely event the NFL conducts an experiment during part of the 2016 preseason

    I wanna laugh but not in the mood right now,...experiments???? You people are hilarious. We little people don't EVEN know what rules ya'll changed that we'd never know until it happens in a game. It's happened for years,...ahem, oh by the way that's a new rule ya see. Oh really? Well no one told me,...well, you can't handle the truth bukkshit. Many times a ref would make a call and the announcer would say,..."oh yeah, btw, that's a new NFL rule" and you'd go like, say what? The announcer like a Troy Aikman would say "oh yeah, we just didn't tell those little people out there financing the NFL." screw them

    The NFL is very rich for now, go to an NFL game requires wearing yo $200 NFL jersey, buying $8 beers and $6 hot dogs. Oh here I go into Nostradumbass mode, a trance shhhhh, day everyone will require pay-for-view to watch NFL football games

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    Sorry to reply to my own thread but man,...this is bothering me a little,...when the NFL changed the kickoff position they said it's intended to thwart the number of KO returns because, they say, players were getting hurt more on KO returns than any other event in a football game. Trying to remember,...can't recall all those injuries on kick offs too readily. In fact, do the big time highly paid NFL athletes play on special teams? hmmmm, but anyway the intent moving the KO to the 35 yard line pretty much did the job. I think the Falcons kicker, what's his name, was among the best in touchbacks,...hey,...does anyone know what a touchback is anymore?

    Well anyway,...why would anyone change the position of a kickoff to prevent returns,...then turn around and possibly restrict the kicker-cover team by not allowing them to run until the ball is kicked? That would allow a return guy to catch the ball 5 yards in the end zone and still run it out. So holding the cover team back like that will encourage more returns which would put players in harm's way, given their bullcrap explanations.

    As I said,...why is the NFL, whoever is running the show, why are they so intent to muddy waters? I didn't mind the change in X-tra points, the distance. That is kind of cool putting more pressure on those golfers, ahem I meant kickers and punters.

    The other thing is the possible rule change which would make a KO like a punt,...I dunno ya'll but that's plain stupid. There are kickers able to place the ball around the 5 yard line.

    Well come to think of it,...maybe I got this all wrong. New rules in the kicking game might make things interesting. Let's wait and see this "experiment" ummmm like an unexpected experiment this preseason like what was promised to all 32 special teams coaches from the high ivory towers in NYC,...the NFL. There it is,...

    Preseason NFL football? When games don't matter it's experiment time it seems,...we might wanna watch this close come August. hahaha like we little people make a difference.

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