As we know the strong safety's play in the Quinn cover 3 is crucial in the scheme of things. Commentary to follow,...

Falcons secondary coach Marquand Manuel has been impressed with Keanu Neal's entire makeup. 17th overall draft pick

"His character is awesome, which is the other part that makes him a man amongst boys," Manuel said. "His man coverage abilities have been on another level. People criticized that, but they really didn't watch the tape. ... When you're watching him play what we call our off-technique and he's covering wide receivers, if he can cover wide receiver, I'm not worried about him being able to cover a tight end.

"His ability is out of control; his change of direction. His length -- he's bigger than what you think he is. He's 6-1 and he's just 210, 211, but he's got 32-inch arms. That, in itself, negates a lot of things. When you stand there and watch his stature, he's bigger than what he appears. And he can cover any tight end. He can run. He's a faster Kam Chancellor-type player which will be scary."

Well, well,...milk dud did a good job this time. As long as he doesn't try to opine but just quote coaches he'll be alright I guess.

There's a Falcons rookie, Neal, that will be a starter. Juuuuust like last season there may be as many as THREE rookies on the field at some point defensively this season,, ja freaking vu eh? No doubt the old guys on the roster are on the offensive side of the ball.

What's interesting is the Raiders drafted SS Karl Joseph 14th overall and guess what, week #2 the Falcons will face the Raiders in Oakland and they'll be starting their rookie safety too. Joseph is 5'10" 205 lbs.

Well, TC is a month away and this is watching guys play in shorts but I guess ya can tell how a guy can play cover, remember,...per NFL rules a defensive player cannot impact a receiver past 5 yards from the line of scrimmage before the pass. hahaha yeah right, but you get it.