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Thread: Running for the air conditioning

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    Running for the air conditioning

    Whew,...I can see why that Bucs player didn't wanna participate in ANY outdoors activity, even an OTA. Man, it's freaking wome owt deah!

    btw,...the Bucs 2015 2nd round pick blew out his ACL,...dam,...DE Noahala Kikaha or something. Hate that for any team and players.

    So after sweating some, got in some AC and read some things from and yahoo, and something else,...wtheck they're all the same now. Here's something I found interesting regarding the Facons O & D-coordinators.

    D-coordinator Richard Smith said,...“I’ve been real pleased with the progress, but you’re playing in shorts right now. It’s a totally different deal. So sometimes you can get real high on a player and say, ‘This guy is going to be great,’ then the pads come on and the personality changes. There’s a long ways to go. But right now, I like the way we’re practicing. … Our guys know we can be pretty good.”

    oh no, no, noooo Ricky. Man, you need a facelift or something but hey,...these kids although they're 21 or 22 years old?, they been playing in pads for many years before dropping they second nut. I know,...Ricky doesn't wanna GUSH over OTAs and all but his last statement of that lil interview, yahoo, etc., he said "our GUYS KNOW they can be pretty good." I like that. Will there be growing pains? With all these rooks and second year players? Oh yeah. Remember the Falcons first two draft picks are from big time SEC scrools. Big time defensive peformers as well.

    Now to the offense,...this guy is amazing. Neil Hornsby figgered out the entire NFL's "percentage of shift or motion" before the snap of a play. It was amazing to me,...maybe he's right I dunno. Well, by his count the 2015 Dolphins shifted or went in motion the most at 58% of he time, at #2 was the Falcons at 57%,...hmmmmm. The Broncos shifted only 19% of plays, the Panthers in 2015 were @ 7th with 43%. It all started when an iggles fan wanted to know how many times Philly's offense shifted or motioned,...turns out Chip Kelly's offensive philosophy didn't like shifting,...only 11% of the time, lowest in the league. But remember the pace of Kelly's offense, so there ya go. Same thang with the Falcons,...the WCO is a methodical scheme,...still trying to edumacate people on the finer points of this offense. Just remember, everything has to work perfectly for Kyle Shanahan's offense to work. In other words the offense must play like the 1984 49ers! That team went 15-1, a Lombardi too. A tall order, I know.

    96 degrees out there, whew. Hey, it took a long time to type this up, made me thirsty.

    EDIT: Sorry I said it was a Bucs DE that tore his ACL,...he's a Saints player, bad. I should've remembered him,...he ate the Falcons O-line up last year. But yeah, a big loss to the Saints. my bad
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