This might be long, so if you don't have time or has the attention span of a chicken,...never mind and waste time doing something else. I'm noticing people on message boards, I dunno, beating each other up and stuff. There's 3 bigtime Falcons MBs and they are like, each other's throats. Like always there's some who band together and like always those bands of bandits pick one guy out to,...i dunno,...insult? Typical.

Thing is,...seems like in this new era we're living through, witnessing it LIVE, people are so much more,...s*** how can I say it? Maybe it's current politics influencing folks, I do not know. There's the orange guy and there's the witch and/or Methuselah and every Soul behind them are sold out!

Same with the Falcons and they fans, divided, fractured.

It gets a little old hearing Falcons fans complain about GM Tom Dimitroff. Also it becomes cumbersome to hear the constant criticism of the Falcons O-coor,...from Mike Mularkey(2008) to Koetter, then and now Shanahan. See? It don't matter with 97% of Falcons fans who bitch about the play calls. See they sickness?Lol But perusing other MB sites, the Rams have several sites EXPLODING with activity and great. It appears the ones who count were very glad to get out of,...that war zone. It's especially fun to find,...and I assure ya, you have to hunt them down, Chargers fans. See, the Falcons face the AFC and NFC West divisions this year and It's always nice to know the opponent. Remember it's just entertainment for most of us.

Oh well,...when any team's fan base expects bad things to happen, guess what? When fans question stuff before seeing any immediate result are fooling themselves. Am I defending Tommy Dimi? Not hardly,...Dimitroff didn't win GM of the year in 2008 from luck. He drafted QB 3rd overall who has been so dang wunnerful. But okay,...let's dwell in negativity, ya'll, like we always do and be critical of Matt Ryan.

The manner in which Arthur Blank has run this Home Depot, since 2003, has been like,...well in the NFL there's no low hanging fruit(unless you're the Patriots the last decade), ask the Panthers about that. It don't come easy for many NFL franchises.

In ending,...last season when the Falcons were 5-0, and yes for a week the Falcons were leading the NFC South,...for 6 days. My beloved Falcons fans, brothers and sisters, they were talking Super Bowl. And that's alright, was expected and all that. But hey ya'll,...people became angry when the losses piled up. They're super eager to blame this, blame that more so today than any time I've ever witnessed. I can see, maybe unnerstand an old Falcons fan who thinks,...and I swear I've read and heard these old men say this,..."by the time the Falcons win a SB I'll be dead." So why does all this matter?

I'm no psychologist but it's typical of small minds to use the blame game,...the racist bull**** as well and imo is a form of cowardice.

I still love them all. Like weirdo flammily members, I'll defend them to a degree. As angry people are these days, best be careful. So fire Dimitroff, trade Ryan for a pick, Shanny JR.,...let's just blow it all to Hell. Seems to be the sentiment of many peeps dees days.