Unless it's the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Golden State or the Yankees, most pro franchises seem to be rebuilding all the time. The undulation of winning seasons then losing years happens to most franchises. It was like that for the Falcons back in 1996.

The '96 Falcons had hit rock bottom,...3-13. But the year before the Falcons made the playoffs, and in a win over the creamcicles Iron Head Heyward got hurt late in the 3rd qtr. Jamaal Anderson came in and rushed for over 50 yards setting up a game winning FG. In '96 Jamaal,...(fat fat), shared the backfield with Iron head but had over 1500 yards from scrimmage. Heyward retired after the '96 season.

Call me a homer, which I am,...the Falcons last season looked like the 1997 version. The Falcons went 7-8 in '97 setting up a 14 game win season in 1998. Just like in '97 Atlanta has the big time run game, seasoned QB, capable O-linemen(for a freaking change), and a defense laced with youngsters but with key vets at certain positions,...juuuust like 1997. Now hear me,...I ain't saying the Falcons will win 14 games and appear in SB 51. Look at that brutal 2016 schedule,...whew, it's got 8-8 written all over it. Lemme see a preseason game to decide if Matt Ryan has absorbed the finer points of the WCO first, then I'll start predicting the season.

Preseason game??? PLAYOFFS???