Oh how I wish some of these Falcons fans would post here. But yeah careful what you wish but there is a huge bet,...a huge bet going on and it's so funny.

lemme gather meself hereLol,...a guy posted all the Falcons draft picks the last 9 years, drafted as "pass rushers" and then showed players drafted in lower rounds afterwards, guys who had lots more sacks than the Falcons draftees. Oh my,...well the Falcons had 19 sacks last season. So another Falcs fan offered a wager that, for 1000 bucks the 2016 Falcons would have more sackes than 19. Pardon my tying errors am still getting tears of laughter outts me eyes.

Anyway, the original poster came back and said to take the bet it'd have to be 35 sacks. lolol gawd man,...for a 1k he'd take the bet if the number was 35 instead of 19,...oh lawd these people are funny. Well,...the one who offered the wager was like,...ohhhh noooo,...it's 19 or nothing! omy goodness I love my fellow Falcons fans.

I'm not making fun of my fellow Falcons fans,...oh yes the Hell I am but I do love 'em,...they be broken, beaten and scarred-Metallica

In a way the original poster didn't protect himself,...coming off like a malcontent, so be careful.