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Thread: Fitz/Shaub Comparison

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    As usual, your question is moronic. McCags improved the team dramatically from where it was when Idzik left. He even improved the QB situation to an extent. But he didn't improve that position enough to get us where we want to go and the player currently in the position will never get us there. Thats why you don't pay him crazy dollars and thats why you don't commit beyond one year for him. End of story.
    Point is EVERYONE on the Jets benefited from playing the softest schedule ever, all that luck, no bad weather etc. as Jwilly puts it NOT ONLY Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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    Gotta' love it how ggtonti keeps supplying proof that he is indeed 1 individual.

    Completely incapable of understanding why JWilly put "butchered" in quotes.

    The trip down the yellow brick road has clearly not been completed.

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    You are so dumb. Mac didn't butcher the cap. He had to spend by rule, and he is sitting JUST FINE for the FUTURE PLAN. That plan did not account for paying a JAG never-was QB $12m.

    But alas, back to why you are so dumb, I was QUOTING YOU you moron. You said he butchered it. Do you know what quotes are and what they mean?

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    Haha. Yeah I still haven't learned. He's my crack Ret.

    You'd think he'd understand quotes though. I mean his favorite hobby is building posts with about a dozen different quotes in them so he can attack each and every point so eloquently and precisely. A true genius this GGtonti.

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    I think the part of the comparison that makes sense is the notion that the Jets would be overpaying for JAG when they really have very little good reason to do so. Fitzpatrick is NOT Chad Pennington. And he sure as fuck ain't Brett Favre. With a tough schedule and chock full of drafted QBs it seems absurd to pay a premium for someone you're not even planning on ever paying.

    I want the Jets to have an offense where the defenses are saying "damn, we can't get beat deep..." vs. "let's just put 9 men in the box and cover their short passing game..." Fitzpatrick can't deliver that!!

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