This fool on espn stated it, and I quote, "cops singing the national anthem is systemic racism".

I can assure you, you ignorant racist, it's pride, not systemic racism. This person personifies espn, abc, Disney, all owned by one very rich racist company. To the idiots that think politics and the nfl are different in some way, you little fuzz nuts will learn as all of us old timers have. If you don't agree with a democrat or liberal asshole you end up with articles like this. NO FACT, NO BASIS, it is all racism, YOU are a racist if you have a different opinion.

Did the dumbass hear about the NFL charging the military for the patriotic display before every cage match....I mean game! So, the nfl is all racist, and everyone who puts their hand over their hearts during the national anthem according to this ignorant clown, IS A RACIST.