I enjoy reading posts at various Falcons-fans-only-sites. There are three HUGE message boards sites,...and then it's like <crickets> everywhere else. These people have been damaged by being exposed to awful, pathetic, sickening, ridiculous NFL football for many, many years. So it's only natural some type of damage could occur. hmmm,...I got this twitch in my cheek, ahem. But these people are definitely like crows of a feather cause they dang sho do flock together. And to be honest I don't get along with most Falcons fans. And here's why,...

On the Big Boy MB site they're arguing about,...Matt Ryan being boring. Now that's verifiable insanity right thar. Ya know,...I'm glad I'm permanently banned at that site. The only reason I troll it cause I can get neat pics and laugh at those idiots as well.

Matty Ice has been wonderful in my eyes. He's presently the Falcons franchise leader in yards passing, TDs, %, you name it. The boy has been playing behind some of the WORST GD O-lines in NFL HISTORY!!! GEEESH! And still he passes for over 4,000 yards??? You people,...oh I see now,...ya'll want a CAM NEWTON??? I guess now ya'll see why I am banned at that site.

Ya'll idiots want boring? Jeff George? Joey Harrington? Chris Redman? Mike Vick?Lol Steve Bartkowski??? I grant Vick was never boring, but remember this,...only early in his career before his wheels slowed. Vick became increasingly boring before his prison term,...fumbles, INTs, poor % and he never was a *leader* but more a prima donna.

I can say this and there's zero argument. Matty has played opposite, in 8 years, an awful Falcons defense. There's been only 2 seasons of those 8 years in which the Falcons defense played pretty good D. And too,...be careful because losing Ryan to an injury would be the worst thing in the WURL for you idiots. Is Matt Ryan,...boring? Has to be these are younger fans,...the future of the Wurl. And boring other than having fun,...making fun of them.