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Thread: $12mil offer on the table for Fitztragic

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    So, seriously, why are the Jets considering paying $12 million US for a severely limited QB? One with a history of choking not only here but basically everywhere he's been?!

    If they pay him that kind of money I'll just be waiting until the next regime fixes the mess.

    makes absolutely no sense...

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    Oh my good lord you are a complete and utter moron.

    This post is downright absurd.

    They will "allow" osweiller to get 18m. They will "allow" Bradford to get 18m. But they will start the process of safeguarding their millions with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Hahahahahahahahahhajajahaha

    And in doing so, the Broncos are willing to completely THROW AWAY a chance to be repeat SB champions and let one of their competitor billionaires win it instead just so they can help the cause of holding Fitz back from his $18m and letting him ONLY get 12m instead. Yup they'd rather NOT win the SB back to back then see Fitz get $18m instead of $12m.

    Dude, you are a f@cking imbicile when it comes to your player crushes who nobody wants. First the Tebow conspiracy, now the Fitz conspiracy.

    Shut up. Moron!!!! My god. I said I was done then you wrote this. Holy sh!t. Why are you breathing????
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    Quote Originally Posted by ganggreen76 View Post
    Collusion isn't about Ws-Ls it's about BILLIONAIRES trying to control the market.

    Here's what I think is happening this is just my opinion.

    They (the NFL's billionaire owners) have lost control of the top of the QB market. Luck, Rodgers those guys are gonna break the bank probably history making contracts next time around.

    They're beginning to realize what I've been saying for a while now. The defensive rule changes, the way games are called, has leveled the playing field between the haves & have nots unlike ever before in the history of the NFL.

    Non-superstar QBs will produce superstar type numbers.

    2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton 35 TDs - Ryan Fitzpatrick 31 TDs in 2015

    2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton QB rating 99.4 - Ryan Fitzpatrick 2015 QB rating 88

    Not much difefrence eh?

    Like the amazing run Foles had a few years ago with Philly yet they didn't show him much love either.

    So now they're trying to control the middle-to-bottom half of the QB market before they lose complete control of the QB market because there will be more Foles more Fitzpatricks in the years to come.
    OR ... no NFL team thinks Fitz is worth his asking. Wouldn't that fit all of the available facts with out adding any mind-numbingly stupid assumptions?

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