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Thread: Ya'll got deflated balls?

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    Ya'll got deflated balls?

    Well OH MY goodness! Unreal man,...Vegas has already set point spreads for every 2016 game?! Oh please, ya'll, is ILLEGAL to gamble in the State of Georgia,...unless you're playing lotto or those stupid machines. But gawd I wish I could wager on some of these spreads cause this gambling site has set point spreads for games in DECEMBER?! mmm mmmm mmmm,...anyway, since I can't legally, I won't wager but I will show you all the folly of the media and those vampires in Vegasand the vampires out west.

    According to these peeps' forcast the Falcons won't win but 3 games this year. They have the Falcons beating the Chargers, Niners, Saints and call the betting game even with the Chiefs. huh? According to Vegas there's a possible 2-14 Falcons season approaching

    But I find this fascinating,...if you look through the possible SB winners, they have the Jaguars a better bet than do the Patriots?!

    Just found it interesting there's such an entity alive, getting all ready for NFL football in,...May. wagertalk eh? We'll see how ya'll do from here. pfffft, a bunch of west coast homers. After a little digging turns out this is a site that has,...ummm,...has people very sympathetic to the Seahawks. Imagine that baby!

    u caint cayatch feesh lak dat,...yall pasty faced shrub nibblers,...shrink yo footbawls like bradee idgets

    HEY! EDIT: This game back in 1999?,...Vegas had the Vikings 14.5 point faves to win the NFCCGame,...hahaha wide left baby,...

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    It shows the ignorance of these people, and of course arrogance applies also. I believe the sea crows will have a poor season by their standards. they have had 2 good and one great year, watch the players grow old of the college coach and it will show in their play and success.

    I would like to know if these idiots will stand behind those spreads, I'll fly to Nevada! It shows the children have no clue about the game and FA.
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