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Thread: Three Linebackers

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    Three Linebackers

    The Fins LB's are not the N.F.L. elite corps. I sure hope Alonso provides impact here,

    • WLB: Jelani Jenkins - 4th year
    • MLB: Kiko Alonso - 4th year
    • SLB: Koa Misi - 7th year

    Jenali Jenkins and Koa Misi are back after both played thru injuries last season.

    Kiko Alonso

    Kiko Alonso came over with Byron Maxwell, and is the lightweight. He'd been a Bills pick in '13, played exceptional, and has had A.C.L. issues ever since. Misi has the hulk for the middle but I guess the Fins want to go with his experience at Strong-side, to make accurate reads. Jenkins, who had a nagging ankle injury, didn't play at the close of last season. He had a better 2014 and should be good to go again.

    Fins don't have a lot of depth here though, and didn't set LB as a draft priority.

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    Is the team better, worse, or the same with all of the changes? The full slate of Linebackers:

    • Jelani Jenkins
    • Kiko Alonso
    • Koa Misi
    • Zach Vigil
    • Spencer Paysinger
    • Neville Hewitt
    • Mike Hull
    • James Michael-Johnson
    • Tyler Gray


    The only major change comes from the addition of Kiko Alonso. But behind them, Vigil, Paysinger, Hewitt, and Hull are in a battle for the primary reserve spots on the roster.





    Better, Worse, Same?

    Better. Alonso should be an upgrade over Kelvin Sheppard in the middle of the field, and Miamiís linebackers as a whole should come into the year healthy, something that was an issue last year. Jenkins and Misi are the same, though health and some development from Jenkins should make them slightly better. The group of reserve players should be better... Michael-Johnson, an experienced journeyman, is needed for depth and Tyler Gray is an U.D.F.A. rookie who started 7 games for Boise State last year. Gray apparently made an impression on the Dolphins scouts during his pro day work out, enough to be one of four undrafted signees by the Dolphins. According to PFF he made a big leap from the 2014 to the 2015 season primarily as a run stopper. He attempted 38 solo tackles in 2015 and missed just one after missing seven out of 54 attempted in 2014, the second best tackling efficiency rating among LB's in his class.

    Gray was huge in the last game of his college career. He recovered two fumbles and recorded seven tackles in a 55-7 win over Northern Illinois in the Poinsettia Bowl in December. He also had offers from other teams, including Seattle, but chose Miami because it was the best fit for him.

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    Good to see football talk this time of year, thanks. Oh yeah,...the LB position gains the least attention and it's the most important. I don't think FF people draft LBs do they. Appears the three LBs you mentioned in the original post are seasoned vets. Adding youth helps as in speed, speed, speed.

    Interesting,...last season the Dolphins LBs had zero sacks. D-linemen and a couple safeties had all the sacks especially the linemen,...that's interesting. Like ya know, it may reveal the scheme.

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