It's been widely acclaimed that the Fins didn't seem to utilize T.E.'s last season. WR Jarvis Landry/RB Lamar Miller were virtually tied in attaining the most Yards from Scrimmage at 1270/1269, WR Rishard Matthews had about half that (hesitating on the foreboding 666,) and DeVante Parker came on strong at the end with almost 500 yards, Kenny Stills had a great catch and got about 440 overall and least in significance was Jordan Cameron, a former Browns T.E., with 386 yards. Well, not least the Fins' backup RB, Jay Ajayi looked spectacular and will be the starter this year but he only attained about 275 yds.

Cameron is at about #28 in yardage among T.E.'s That pales in significance to N.F.L. leaders like Gronk or Olsen, or many who have gone over 1,000 yards last season. In fact Cameron's replacement in the Browns, Gary Barnidge even went over 1,000 yds. (he'd only gotten about 150 yards as Cam's backup a season earlier.) Not that Cameron is a bad player, in fact he was selected to the Pro-Bowl as a result of a 900+ yards season in 2013. Dion Sims, the Fins' drafted T.E., had some type of early-season injury and was out. Last season Charles Clay racked up over 600 yards, though he was a receiving T.E. The Fins have steadily downplayed the role of blocking T.E.'s over the course of Philbin's tenure.

The Fins can't do without a T.E. altogether, so one of the highlights of this coming week's O.T.A.'s under Coach Case will be how they work the position into their offense. Cameron is still on the Fins' roster, so is Sims, and they also have Duarte signed and good to go. B.T.W., Bears T.E. Zach Miller was not that big a part of the Case O.