There's a local bar round here that charges $2.50 for a 12 oz beer. And it's pretty much a dollar a beer from the convenience store anyway. Now it's made NATIONAL NEWS!!!! The Falcons will charge only,...$5 a beer for a 12 oz beer at they games!!!!!! wooohoooooooooooo!!! Just 5 bucks for a draft 12 oz beer? CHEERS!

On top of that there'll be $2 hot dogs!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! When they hot dawgs cost them less than a dollar for *8 dogs,...that's a profit of 30 bucks a pack of dawgs,...minus the bun and condiments of course.

A keg of beer though, at 5 bucks a 12 oz beer,...has a profit margin of 60%.

This is a nice gesture Arthur Blank has offered. But to be quick with my wit,...the damn food and beer should be free given the prices of premium seats in the new stadium. Ya'll just go check the prices of seats in the lower level. Even in the nosebleeds the cost of a single game, one seat ticket can reach $300. That's just ridiculous.

Oh well,...everyone is lauding this pricing of beer and hotdogs and fine. But ya'll should remember the Falcons owner is a business man FIRST and an owner secondly. That's why the Falcons franchise cannot learn the art of winning ways in the NFL,...imo.

wooohoooo!!! 5 dollar beers! pfffft,...