How We are Changing the Culture and Destroying SJWs

For almost a decade people have called me insane. I have always had a plan. Now Iíll share it with you.

First you must understand your own mind.

Social status rules our lives.

We humans are insecure about our social status, and we find ways to signal to other humans that we are high status.

A logo is a symbol of social status. You want people to see that you can afford a $5,000 bag or $10,000 watch. The NY Times is also a logo. You want people to know youíre smart by writing for them.

To beat a person, you lower his or her social status. Logic is pointless.

To destroy an institution, you lower its social status.

My attack on the system has been on two fronts.

While my work with you is freeing you from status slavery. Do you ever see me wearing name-brand clothing?

I have also showed you how to eliminate shame.

Freeing yourself from status slavery is the highest levels of consciousness, but not everyone wants or is ready for mind freedom.

I have also attacked and discredited social status systems.

The left has had the cultural high ground for decades, because they created prestige brands like the NY Times. Writing for the NY Times is a huge deal, as a writer could status signal his prestige to the world vis-a-vis the Times.

I have been working to destroy and discredit the mainstream media, as this is an attack on its prestige and thus social status. I mock them as clowns and frauds and hoax artists. This destroys the brandís value.

The mainstream right was desperate to gain the approval of the left. I have been working to destroy the mainstream right, as they have been status slaves to the left.

The left also had celebrity outreach, which gave liberalism the cool or ďitĒ factor.

Why did I cuck Seth Rogen? Because directly attacking his masculinity in front of the world lowered his brand value. Since I cucked Seth Rogen, he has stopped posting any political Tweets. His social status was lowered to that of a nothing.

Create new prestige brands on the right.

Danger & Play and Gorilla Mindset are now worldwide brands. I built these brands up through my confrontational writing style.

While attacking every other news network, I have also been promoting Breitbart actively.

7 Sep
Mike Cernovich ‎@Cernovich
Right wing media used to be a real alternative to the mainstream media, but National Review, etc. are being taken over by SJWs.

Mike Cernovich ‎@Cernovich
Which is why you see Breitbart making moves. They are becoming the alternative to conservative media. You'll see new upstarts soon.
9:55 AM - 7 Sep 2015
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Create new mainstream heroes on the right.

Why have I been a huge supporter of Milo Yiannopoulos? Because heís the new fresh face of the right.

Why did I back Trump? Because he is making his own waves by attacking SJW outrage culture. Trump is also the first candidate to directly call out feminismís lies.

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Mike Cernovich ‎@Cernovich
Trump is the first candidate to actually appeal to male voters. This is historical. Ö
6:39 PM - 7 May 2016 ∑ California, USA, United States
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Mike Cernovich ‎@Cernovich
Remember when @ScottAdamsSays said Trump might be first candidate to call Hillary anti-male....
5:53 PM - 7 May 2016
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You wonít change culture without creating your own institutions and your own celebrities.

I thus run my career largely as a celebrity would. Even though Iím an author, my Instagram is largely a ďbehind-the-scenesĒ look at my life and is usually entirely unrelated to my core work.

This is the first effective attack that the left has faced in several decades.

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Mike Cernovich ‎@Cernovich
Cheers! @PizzaPartyBen @bakedalaska @Nero @1938loren @MikeRotondo86 @vandives @realDonaldTrump #MAGA
8:39 PM - 3 May 2016
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Yes, it was by design.

Yes, I have much more planned.

Yes, we will win.

P.S. If you think I sound crazy, check out Gorilla Mindset.