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Thread: Dick Cheney Will Support DONALD TRUMP

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    Quote Originally Posted by slikmojet View Post
    You are an idiot man, the Bush family is one of the most Satanic families on the planet, morals and class... Bwahahahaha!!! What a tool you really are man, you are totally fucking clueless!
    Yes, they are "Satanic".

    You unhinged, gullible @$$ clown.

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    They are regular attendees to Bohemian Grove, where men run around naked porking each other and where they engage in Idol worship and offer mock sacrifices to Molek the disgusting thing of the Canaanites. Basically demon worship at its best.

    Dont worry it's all a conspiracy theory though. That stuff doesn't happen:

    Like I said you are an idiot, or maybe you're one of them, which is it?
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedgreen View Post
    I think I got Jeb wrong. He may be an amnesty guy and of the GOPe, but he has principle and morals and class. In short, character. Too bad for him we live in a day and age where that signals weakness, being bought and paid for, and naïveté... In the end both he and Trump are statists, and thus fail my personal litmus test.

    That said, Trump would kill the economy much faster with his asinine agenda. Thankfully we will never be subjected to it. Too bad the alternative may be just as bad but slower agony.
    For all you know, Trump may win. Jeb's virtues as an intellectual connected with touchy-feely reactionaries as both elitism and a propensity to toe the established line. Jeb was dead in the water and I.B.G. was right to prop Cruz up as the only choice. But he has to realize something rather than being given to following his ideals. The state is a fast-growing segment of our economy. And don't forget the government unions are the biggest, least accountable dark money source railroading the Democratic apparatus.

    Plus Hillary is inextricably intertwined with too-big-to-fail finance: banks/investment houses that have extended their tentacles into commodity distribution. Let me tell you, there is also a network of Easy-Money Oligarchs - private citizens of other nations - buying up all the most expensive real estate and they're followed by a gaggle of investors of the Rent Warehouse ilk i.e., investors in single-family houses they turn into rentals. Therefore, house-flippers are back in business in a more organized way.

    Have you heard those "Flipping Houses" ads on the radio every day, We're in the area looking for a few "motivated" people to join their small group of investors. Come to an intensive seminar, etc. The ad has been running for at least six months, still they can't find the few to join their group? Come on. Coincidentally R/E prices are way up on average. In Miami-Dade County, the median resale price for a single-family home hit $282,000 in May 2015. Most of these are just little ranch-styles, built in the '50s, what sold for maybe $80,000 in 1999. Even worse than in 2007, now the rental rates are sky-high too. Do you believe those prices?

    These are just cheap apartments that you have to periodically "roach-bomb." When a nearby apartment bombs, all the roaches move over to yours. A "Luxury Apt." is one with a washer and dryer, that's it. A co-worker lived in one, he says the drywall in between apartments is so thin that he can hear it when they go pee.

    In Broward county you can see apartment villages off of I-95. I once stopped into see the rental office, rather a model apt with a desk in the living room situated in front of the kitchen where you could get a clear view of the amenities it offers. The saleslady was unaware that as she was talking up the place, I saw just over her shoulder, three rats jump off the kitchen counter and scurry somewhere behind the refrigerator!

    Anyway you're still reading this, so my point is there are investment groups working to prop up the prices back to high levels to where the banks can regain their profit. The super-low interest rates given to those who qualify are part and parcel of A.B.C.T. (Austrian Business Cycle Theory) that depicts yet another crash. A lot of voters blame government, but the Fed is not a government agency. It's a nothing but Central Bank, devoted to keep all banks themselves solvent. Their monetary policies steer the economy.

    There are three basic theories, Keynesian (fiscal demand management,) monetarists that say just keep money velocity relatively constant for a stable if not lackluster economy, and Austrians who believe that cycles exist in which an intervention, like the Fed printing money or keeping rates artificially low as stimulus, will create an interest rate gap. So, market forces will eventually close the gap but not before investors overproduce, throwing the economy into Depeche mode.

    Right now the Gross Output indicators already point to recession. Trump inherits a slow economy, he chokes off immigration and creates other barriers to slow the economy further and Bingo.
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    Pope's keeping himself busy. Good for him. Meanwhile, I can lay out the major differences in the economic theories mentioned above. The Keynesians and Monetarists are essentially neo-classical and math oriented. They can sure crunch the numbers but in so doing, they utilize the most abstract, aggregate data. The Austrian approach on the other hand, incorporates a structural production model of the firm that they say captures decisions about production and discounted interest rates into macroeconomic theory. Using their approach, they can build counterfactual models e.g., Say, what if the Fed mandates negative interest rates? to anticipate how capitalists would likely react to the situation in practice.

    They would be quick to assert that different sectors of the economy should be looked at separately, you cannot just aggregate everything into one heap. It will yield meaningful results in only the most general cases. So in the situation presented above, it is apparent that the finance / real estate sector is back on fire while most other segments of the economy seem to be catching a cold. Government-managed sectors though are making out fine so what might/could this tell you about the importance of government, finance, and real estate compared to anything else?

    Answer might be that the "state" is probably the major economic player in the game. The government needs banks and banks need government, there's implicit collusion there. Just how does Tea-Rump fit in to all this, and it may be added, why does the establishment want him gone?

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    Gotta love Geeza, first Trump ruined "his awesome party" now he's upset that the very own party folk he worships are having to get on the back of Trump's bus.

    Geeza you''re the bitonti of the GOP. Didn't you love you some Cheney when he went into Iraq?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pope View Post
    Gotta love Geeza, first Trump ruined his awesome party now he's upset that the very own party folk he worships are having to get on the back of Trump's bus. Geeza you're the Bitonti of the GOP. Didn't you love you some Cheney when he went into Iraq?
    This makes no sense either. I.B.G. it's well known, writes as an independent. Another meaningless diversion perhaps? Where's my Global Warming thread? Back to it Pope! GO FIND IT!

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    Stick to the thread, reading and comprehension commie clown.

    And I guess you haven't quite grasped IBG's utter Trump meltdown over the past few months where he's sided with every GOP buffoon as well as the marxist left on his Cruz crusade. He has zero principles, all talk.
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