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Thread: Early Attempt at a 53 man Roster

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    Early Attempt at a 53 man Roster

    Roster(53 man)

    DE - E. Griffen, B. Robison, D. Hunter, J. Trattou
    Final spot is between Justin Trattou and Scott Crichton.

    DT - S. Floyd, L. Joseph, T. Johnson, S. Stephen
    Final spot comes down to Stevens and Ellis.

    LB - A. Barr, C. Greenway, E. Kendricks, K. Brothers, E. Lamur, E. Robinson
    Audie Cole, Edmond Robinson, Brandon Watts, Kendall Brothers and Travis Lewis will be competing for two spots.

    CB - X. Rhodes, T. Newman, C. Munnerlyn, T. Waynes, M. Alexander, M. Sherels
    Vikings are deep at CB. Sherels always manages to make the team because of his special team value as a gunner and punt returner.

    S - H. Smith, A. Sendejo, M. Griffin, A. Harris
    Harris performed well last year when he got his chance. The final safety position will come down to Exum and Griffin.

    QB - T. Bridgewater, S. Hill, T. Heinicke
    Nothing changes from last year.

    RB - A. Peterson, J. McKinnon, M. Asiata
    Nothing changes from next year.

    FB - Z. Line
    Nothing changes from next year.

    TE - K. Rudolph, M. Pruitt, D. Morgan
    Rhett Ellison ends up on IR at least until mid season. A torn patella tendon is a tough injury to come back from in a short period of time. Ellison tore his in the playoff game against Seattle back in January. If David Morgan is as good a blocker as advertized he will come in handy until Ellison gets back.

    WR - L. Treadwell, S. Diggs, J. Wright, A. Thielen, C. Patterson, M. Boehringer
    I think Boehringer will have to be kept on the active roster. If he was talented enough to be drafted and then exposed to the practice squad some WR starved team will snap him up. Charlie Johnson is the odd man out because he doesn’t contribute on special teams and he really faded away at the end of last year.

    OT - M. Kalil, A. Smith, T. Clemmings, A. Shepard
    I doubt the Vikings are going to keep both Phil Loadholt and Andre Smith … both only play RT. Vikings have plenty of flexibility at RT with Clemmings and Mike Harris both having the ability to play there if needed. I think Shepard sticks because he’s technically sound if not overly talented.

    OG - A. Boone, B. Fusco, M. Harris
    The Vikings have so many possibilities at the guard position. Boone, Fusco, Harris, Berger, Kerin, possibly Shepard. They picked up Sirles from San Diego for a 6th rounder last year and Easton from San Francisco in the Gerald Hodges trade. That’s eight possibilities at guard. Then they go and draft Willie Beavers who by all accounts is a major development project. How many guys do you need at guard? Maybe the Vikings can recoup a late round pick for one of the guards instead of cutting them.

    C - J. Sullivan, J. Berger, Z. Kerin
    Z. Kerin is the heir apparent to the center position unless Nick Easton unseats him. Both can also play guard if needed.

    LS - K. McDermott

    K - B. Walsh

    P – J. Locke
    Ben LeCompte and Nick O'Toole are going to get a ‘look see’ by the Vikings. If either one is signed I’m sure that they will give Locke a run for his money.

    IR (with designation to return)
    R. Ellison (TE)

    Practice Squad(10 man)
    J. Kearse (SS)
    C. Johnson (WR) – Not sure if he has any eligibility left.
    C. Bykowski (OT)
    T. Sinkfield (WR)
    W. Beavers (OT/OG)
    B. Dubose (DE)
    N. Easton (C) – Might have trade value
    S. Weatherly (OLB)
    E. Rawls (CB)
    J. Pressley (RB)

    B. Renaud (FB)
    B. Ross (RB)
    M. Michel (WR)
    I. Fruechte (WR)
    Z. Moore (DE)
    K. Ellis (DT)
    I. Faciane (OG)
    J. Ganus (LB)
    B. Watts (LB)
    T. Lewis (LB)
    J. Price (CB) - Might have trade value
    K. Baxter (CB)
    M. White (CB)
    J. Lowdermilk (SS)
    J. Stave (QB)
    J. Sirles (OG) – Might have trade value
    S. Crichton (DE) – Might have trade value
    A. Exum Jr. (SS) – Might have trade value
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    I'd have to pretty much agree with you.

    Boehringer is going to be hard to place on the PS already, like you said. He's going to need more than a few weeks to see what he's capable of I think. I'd be tempted to cut Patterson but the guy is an unbelievable return man. Shame he's nothing else, but at least he's really good at something.

    The LB crew has really grown in the past few seasons, hasn't it? We used to have Greenway and some nobodies, but this is a talented group all of a sudden. I would hate to see Cole and Watts go because they have great backup and ST value, but who else do you cut if not them? We may just keep two QBs, which would help somewhere.

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