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Thread: Fins Top Pix

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    Fins Top Pix

    Whomever is moving and shaking this process is packing a wallop. As many a writer had foreseen, CB was the next selection. Baylor's Howard is a prototype without breaking their bank account. Third round went to RB to make up for Lamar Miller's defection to Houston. He's a shifter, who makes split second changes to miss-deflect the brunt of a hit vintage Marino, with very fine Mercury Morris-type field speed credentials.

    The negatives are said to be his injury history. Larry Csonka had injuries. Not being as big as Zonk is actually more of an advantage these days.

    Oh yeah there's a second 3rd round selection for WR Leonte Carroo. Fin fans still live with memories of Chad Henne's miserable check-down attempts.
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