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Thread: Vikings Trade 3rd round pick to the Dolphins

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    Vikings Trade 3rd round pick to the Dolphins

    Vikings traded this year's 23rd pick in the 3rd round to the Dolphins.

    What we got from the Dolphins is their 6th round pick in this draft and their 3rd and 4th round picks in 2017.

    Looks like the Vikings got good trade value especially if the Dolphins have a bad year and the 2017 picks are in the first half of the rounds.
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    I'm not a fan of this trade personally. A 6th this year is basically nothing, it should have been their 4th this year (which they had already traded to the Ravens) to make it worth it for us. Or a 5th this year at the very least.

    That 6th rounder likely won't even make the team. Next year's 3rd and 4th (their lowest 4th btw) could be fine and could be blah. We don't know what the future brings. But in the present, we need a starting safety, which we could likely have gotten with that 3rd. Killebrew, Houston-Carson, Cash, Deiondre Hall are all still on the board, as was Justin Simmons. If we happen to get one of those guys in the 4th, I might feel differently but right now I'm disappointed. An older Michael Griffin and Sendejo don't excite me for the position. Sendejo is a ST player elevated to start by lack of competition. Griffin could surprise me and be relevant but I'm obviously really skeptical there.

    We also need to groom a future starting LT and RB, and another WR wouldn't be a bad idea either. I think there will be a run on RBs in the 4th but that might be where we go with our next pick (if we keep it). Still some good players left but a third round pick in this draft could have made a difference for us. The Bears and Packers are moving up and we seem to think winning the division (by the skin of our teeth) means we're on top to stay. I don't get this.

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