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Thread: Treadwell in the 1st. Now what in the 2nd and 3rd?

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    Treadwell in the 1st. Now what in the 2nd and 3rd?

    Vikings addressed WR in the first by taking Treadwell.

    What would you all like to see happen with our second and third round picks tomorrow night?

    I'm thinking...

    2) S/OLB Su'a Cravens

    3) OT Le'Raven Clark (Would probably have to move up for him since his likely a late 2nd or early 3rd guy. If he does fall out of the top 10 in the 3rd I would look to move up for him)
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    I'm disappointed those two safeties went in the first since it will likely mean a run before we can get a good one. Or maybe not. After seeing that first round, I wonder what I know at all any more lol.

    I'm with you on those two players Carter. It's all about team fit at this point imo. Lots and lots of guys with similar grades so what will Zimmer and the gang go for now is the question. Lots of fans probably want us to trade up for Jack, but seeing that slide we'll have to assume his medical was really awful. Strange that those two talented LBs both seem to be on such a downward trajectory now.

    In the second and third, almost anything but QB could be on the table. But I like the first pick and I'm looking forward to the rest. Good luck!

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    And thinking of fits, I'll do my best to predict that now (good luck dude ).

    I think the jobs that both Spielman (in supplying the talent) and Zimmer (in coaching it up) have done have set this team up to be able to draft not just for the moment but for the future. Other than a couple of spots, we're doing pretty well for starters. We obviously covered the WR with Treadwell. Where are the glaring needs now? Safety. We need a starter opposite Smith in a big way. There are plenty of good options now, though how many will make it to our pick is anyone's guess. Vonn Bell and Sean Davis are certainly attractive options. If we're to assume Zimmer would like to mold the Vikings defense just as his Bengals defenses were, who fits the George Iloka mold? Miles Killebrew, Jeremy Cash, and Jayron Kearse are all bigger safeties that might help.

    We have some work to do for the future as well. We've done our best to patch up a sorry offensive line with Andre Smith, but he's not a plan for the future. We will need a starting LT, C and RB in the next year or two and that's something that has to be addressed now. If they think Clemmings can play LT soon, all the better. If they thin he's strictly a RT then we will no doubt be looking closely at a group of OT that might include Clark, Spriggs, Coleman, and Hawkins for LSU (I'm keeping my eye on him). I don't know a lot about the centers but I highly doubt we go there before about the 5th round.

    I wonder what happens to both Jack and Jaylon Smith. Who will gamble, and where will they fall? I really don't know if we should be a team looking into them really. Talented but a long way from playing it seems. Besides, we've got a good group of LBs already. Two outstanding starters and the third plays 25-30% of the time in base defense. How high can you draft a guy that plays that little?

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    I'd be very satisfied if we could get Cravens and Clark.

    The question I have with Cravens is he a SS or OLB or a bit of both? If he's both then can he slide back into a safety roll when we switch out of our base defense? I'm intriged to see what kind of plays Zimmer could create that would absolutely confuse the offense. I agree that we would probably have to trade up in the third to get Clark and if the Vikings really like him then they should take him in the second. You never know if you can find a trade partner.

    Vonn Bell would be another option in the second if he's available. In the third, if we can't trade up for Clark I'd look at Shon Coleman, Chris Westerman, Miles Killebrew, Sean Davis or Jeremy Cash. Of course this is all dependent on who we take in the second.

    I wouldn't be suprised if Spielman goes BPA either. There are quite a few talented players left at DL and LB. If we don't get OL help in the second or third I wouldn't have a problem trading up in the fourth to get one of the better remaining Linemen. Doesn't appear that there is much for the SS position after the third.

    I know that Spielman likes to have ten draft picks but I read that the Vikings only have about nine roster spots that are realistically up for grabs this year so trading up to get a player that is going to help the team more seems like a good choice. Certainly in the later rounds I would like to see them trade up for a player that they covet.

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    Deadskins take Su'a Cravens at #53 right before our pick at #54. What a tease. I didn't consider CB with our 2nd rounder, but it looks like the Vikings got a good value pick in CB Mackensie Alexander. Now if we can get a good safety with our 3rd rounder the Vikings are gonna scare some QBs and WRs. Would be nice to see SS Miles Killebrew still there for the taking in the 3rd.

    I'm hoping for either OT Clark or SS Killebrew in the 3rd.

    * Another teaser with the player I want almost making it to our pick. OT Clark goes to Indy with the 19th pick in the 3rd.
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    Carter you should be a Redskins fan they had your perfect draft for the first two rounds ... Doctson and Cravens.

    I'm personally a little disappointed with the way the Vikings draft ended on day two.

    The first day of the draft the was good. Many of us wanted Doctson but we ended up with Treadwell. I actually think Treadwell might be a better pick than Doctson when all is said and done. Treadwell will be 21 when the season starts and Doctson will turn 24 during the season. Doctson has probably reached his peak physically, Treadwell still has time before he physically matures. I think Treadwell eventually will be a more productive pro than Doctson.

    Day two started out well. After getting their WR the Vikings appear to be in the BPA mode as evident by the Alexander pick. CB is not an area of need. Safety and the O-line are more of a need at this point. Alexander is a first round talent that the Vikings were able to snag at the bottom of the second round. He's going to put pressure on Waynes and Munnerlyn for playing time.

    So I'm not disappointed with the Vikings picks thus far I'm disappointed with the way Day 2 ended because they didn't pick someone in the third round. Granted they got a deal for the third pick (6th this year and a 3rd and 4th next year) that they couldn't turn down. I just think there are still players out there that will make the team better this year that they might not get a chance to pick with their remaining picks. Players such as Joshua Perry (Ohio State), Sheldon Day (Notre Dame) and Andrew Billings (Baylor) are still out there. Other players such as C.J. Prosise (Notre Dame), Javen Hargrave (South Carolina St.) and Justin Simmons (Boston College) who were taken in the third round after the Vikings pick in the third. Don't forget the Vikings picked Danielle Hunter in the 3rd round last year and he turned out to be a stud.

    Looking forward to Day 3 and finding another Stephon Diggs.

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    For me it was really a toss up between Treadwell and Doctson. Treadwell fits the mold of a big physical possession WR which is what the Vikings needed so since they went WR in the first I'm happy with Treadwell. I hadn't really considered the age difference you pointed out. That makes me feel even better about Treadwell over Doctson.

    I had my heart set of Cravens in the 2nd so seeing him go to the Deadskins right before us was disappointing. Even if he was available we probably wouldn't have taken him anyways which would have been even more disappointing. I think the Vikings were eyeing Alexander anyways. He wasn't the consolation prize.

    I'm happy with the trade in the 3rd. Especially if the Dolphins have a bad year and they end up being early in the draft order. Having two 3rd and 4ths next year gives us a lot of mid round ammo in 2017. It isn't as exciting as getting a player now, but it will be exciting next year.

    I won't be home today to follow the draft today. At least not the early part of it. I might be home in tie for the 6th or 7th rounds.
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    That's a good point about the Redskins. They could very well have picked our players in the first and second

    Then again, maybe I'm the only person left on earth that thinks we need a safety worse than anything and that OLB isn't a pressing need at all, regardless of anything having to do with Chad Greenway's age, retirement plans, shoe size, etc. It's been pointed out lots before that he only plays 20 or 30% of the time due to nickel defense, so it's not that pressing of a priority. Lamur is supposedly viewed by the staff as capable of filling that role. I think Greenway's resigning was a PR move more than anything. Just letting him go out a Viking.

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    I preferred Doctson over Treadwell mainly because he's a little faster but I'm excited that we took Treadwell. He does fit our team style the best. By far the best blocking WR in this draft.

    Doesn't surprise me that they went best player available in the second. Alexander was rated much higher than the safeties and olinemen that were still available. Probably means that Captain has only one maybe two years left in purple. By taking Ałexander this year it gives him a year to learn the system and improve his flaws without the pressure of having to play a significant role, ala Waynes. Good job by the Vikings planning for the future and getting great valve in doing so.

    Trading out of the third was disappointing, although they did get great value for the pick. After using our second on a CB I would have preferred if they would have traded up to get Clark or Coleman. Top talent is going quickly.

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