The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other. The Parliament of the Owls

So what's the jist of this post? Has anyone noticed people will forgive what their leaders and entertainers do over and over?

Have ya'll noticed how loyal Patriots fans are? Even after many admit T Brady cheated,...they still defend the crime,...amazing. Reminds me of the O.J. Sampson incident, ahem. But the thing is,...I admire those idiots' loyalty. Gawd I wish the Falcons had fans like that.

When Mike Vick was arrested the people sticking up for him weren't Falcons fans, they were Vick fans. They readily admitted that saying if Vick never played again in Atlanta they'd be fans of the team he'd go to.

Another bunch who will defend a player for his antics are Panthers fans. Even their head coach defended Cam Newton's antics when the media questioned him about it. btw,...this is something Panthers fans don't get. I learned this back in 1999 when the Falcons went to a Super Bowl. When your team reaches that plateau your team comes under severe scrutiny. The Panthers have appeared in 2 SBs,'d think the fools would've learned by now.

Back to the Patriots,...if they hadn't routed the Colts in that conference championship, I promise you all,...there'd never been all this talk about deflated balls. The Colts had just beaten the 12-4 Broncos IN Denver the week before and were a good team. However, think of this please. In the that rout in New England the temperature was 51 degrees. We know different QBs and kickers loved to condition they balls. Steve Young wanted brand new footballs, slick and fully inflated. hmmm,...maybe Young had his footballs over inflated.hahaha But it's just me thinking Brady likes a soft football to toss regardless the temperature. And remember this too,'s easier to hold on to and CATCH a football a little less than fully inflated.

Oh well,...Like last year I ain't going nowhere near a Jets, Patriots, Dolphins or Bills boards,...unless I wanna get a chuckle and make sure I'm nvisible