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Thread: Draft Week Board Participation Mock Draft

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    The kicker from Florida St. is awesome too. Total freak. Maybe you should reconsider the pick and take him.

    You blew it. Shon Coleman or Jerald Haskins were the only choices. They are the last red chip tackles. (Clark/Ifiedi are not part of that red chip group btw)

    Laremy Tunsil
    Ronnie Stanley

    Taylor Decker
    Jack Conklin
    Shon Coleman
    Jason Spriggs
    Jerald Hawkins
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    You're's not popular. If we take a Rb in rd 2 I may go postal. I'd rather go nick Martin, shone Coleman or kyler tackler
    Good you can join me in the ward and start getting medicated after the Jets first rd selection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    MSG, this kid is a freak, 6' 3"/247 with breakaway speed. Size, power and speed is the whole package. You can't pass on this kid if he falls to 51, he can become the best RB in the league, thats his ceiling, but he won't fall to 51 so its a non issue. But if he did, Mac (BPA man) would almost assuredly take him, and IMO he would be right to take him.
    Not interested and if he were that great he'd be going in rd 1. There is no need to draft RBs in premium spots in this NFL so yes I can pass on him. Rbs can be had anywhere...loads of OLmen, TEs, DBs and edge rushers were still there for us who were just as good a value. And Mac is not quite as much "pure BPA" as everyone thinks. Just because the #1 player in the draft fell into his lap at 6 last year. Mac also went for need in rd 2 and rd 3. I highly doubt he would take RB in rd 2 when he just signed 3 of them.

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    I would be a lot happier with Henry in r2 if he was there than I would be with Lynch in r1.

    If it's Lynch in r1 I may just throw the remote at the TV. He's way too much of a project IMO even with the QB premium.

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