Accretion is the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. Gradually, and quietly the Falcons have accumulated layers of fine talent,...with players drafted and free agent signings.

A year ago I posted that the Falcons would heavily rely on second/third year players and rookies in 2015. And they did,...sometimes having four rookies on he field at one time during a game. Forcing those young guys into the fire will pay dividends this year. But it's those 3, 4 year vets who will shine bright with the young boys' help.

What's cool is the free agent signings back in March. Winning teams always, always has a wunnerful blend of youth and experience. The Panthers proved that last year. But below the radar the Falcons were huge winners in free agency.

Arthur Blank expects three starters out of the 2016 draft,...not likely but still it won't be like last season when the roster was so awful rookies HAD to start.

There's one thing ya'll can be sure about,...Dan Quinn will build a good defense. Now if we can get everyone on offense to learn that guy's WCO.