Here's to our brothers ovah deah in da bayoo,...happy 50th birthday!

It's very difficult to get a sense of how Saints fans feel about they team. Saints fans usually congregate in private forums and are not nice to a Falcons troll like me. They are like most Falcons fans,...bred to hate the division rival and that's fine. I still maintain the Saints/Falcons rivalry is as much intense as any other in the history of the NFL. When there's two losing teams playing in week 16 for nothing,...but plays like it's the Super Bowl?,...that's special to me.

I don't HATE the Saints like most Falcons fans do. Through the years I've seen how both the Falcons and Saints have been treated by the media, freaking Southern losers you. And also I've seen the NFL's hypocritical promotion of certain franchises and ignoring others, such as the Saints and Falcons. That has been admitted by at least two NFL officials,...anonymous of course haha.

But hey,...xardoz, we're gonna have a 10 year anniversary of Katrina in prime time again. Falcons fans are not happy about that scheduling,...hahaha. Add Will Smith and there might not be a football game that night. Just give it to the Saints man, geesh. I'm joking of course. By week 3 that game will prolly determine the rest of the season. That happened last season when the Saints beat the 5-0 Falcons. It went down for the Falcons after that loss.

But anyway,...happy 50th season. Good luck,...hope ya'll go 14-2, long as the two losses come from the hands of the Falcons.