I'm sorry but I'm getting SICK of all you sons of bitches saying Matt Ryan isn't an elite QB. You are so freaking ignorant it amazes me. Stats ALONE!!!! Geesh idiots.

I could list crap,...could say this and that but guess what idiots???? I've watched this QB for EIGHT seasons. And closely. The boy has no fear, a great attribute. He has had to endure an O-line that has sucked his entire career. Ya know man? I get tired of you mfing Falcons haters.

There is no doubt the Falcons have had to play second fiddle to the nawthen teams since inception. Fine. But you elitists make me sick.

Drew Brees is fine with the NFL tribe,...there's no more Peyton Manning hahaha,...ya got the DABBBBB!!!!LOL,...so go ahead and dis my boy. Something wicked this way comes, guaranteed.