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Thread: Should the Vikings draft Peterson's replacement?

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    Should the Vikings draft Peterson's replacement?

    (short answer: Probably)

    From Matt Vensel at StarTrubune

    In the days leading up to the 2016 NFL draft, which runs April 28-30, we will break down where the Vikings stand at each position group on the roster. Today, we continue the series with a look at the running backs.

    This time a year ago, the noise surrounding Adrian Peterson was deafening. Despite the Vikings’ insistence, both publicly and privately, that they had no interest in trading the disgruntled running back, trade rumors swirled nationally. There was nothing to them, though, and the Vikings held firm.

    Peterson, fresh after a year off and motivated by his NFL suspension, would start every game, lead the NFL in rushing and garner first-team All-Pro honors for the fourth time in his career. Not bad for a 30-year old.

    It wasn’t all positive for Peterson. His season-long fumbling issues came back to bite him in the playoff loss and his awkwardness when it came to running out of the shotgun formation forced the Vikings to tweak their offense after a few games. Still, he was by far their best offensive player.

    The Vikings have made it clear that they need Peterson to better mesh with the shotgun spread attack that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has thrived in. Peterson has acknowledged it after the 2015 season, too.

    Third-year running back Jerick McKinnon should see an uptick in snaps after he opened eyes late in the season with big plays on screen passes and jet sweeps. Perhaps he and Peterson will be used on the field together.

    With both of those players returning for 2016, drafting a running back early would be a luxury pick. But as long as coach Mike Zimmer is wearing the coach’s headset here, the Vikings will run the ball, so you never know.

    Projected starters: Peterson at tailback and Zach Line at fullback.

    Don’t forget about: Matt Asiata might not be the fastest or most elusive runner around, but he does not fumble often, can get it done near the goal line and is the team’s best back in pass protection. He ideally will not have a big role in 2016, but he is capable of contributing in a pinch.

    Level of need: Low. The Vikings can afford to worry about this position next spring, when Peterson will be 32 and heading into the final year of his contract. For now, they are set with Peterson, McKinnon and Asiata.

    Five prospects to remember: Alex Collins, Arkansas; Aaron Green, TCU; Jordan Howard, Indiana; Daniel Lasco, Cal; Keith Marshall, Georgia.

    Our best guess: If a potential bell-cow such as Alabama’s Derrick Henry is sitting there near the end of the second round, the Vikings could be tempted to snag him. But it is much more likely that they steer clear of this position in the early rounds and maybe take a flyer on someone later.

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    I like the idea of taking a shot on someone with potential in the later rounds. I like Wendell Smallwood or Keith Marshall in the 6th or 7th rounds.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think drafting a rb late in the draft is the way to go also. Personally I'm not really worried about drafting a replacement for Peterson cause I think his replacement is already on the roster ... Jerick McKinnon.

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    At first I was on board drafting someone to replace AP in 2017. But drafting a running back this year means cutting either McKinnon or Asiata. But we'll need players like McKinnon and Asiata if we cut ties with AP in 2017 so we'll just be drafting another RB in 2017 to fill one of their roles. Why not wait until 2017 to draft a replacement for AP. Let's face it we aren't going to find an equal to AP but an adequate replacement can be found in 2017.

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